Kim Kardashian Bares Bikini Bump, Sort of Taunts Critics

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On the cover of the latest Us Weekly, Kim Kardashian sends a message to her critics:

You call this fat?!?

Okay, Kim doesn't actually say that.

But the tabloid does the taunting for her, publishing a Kim Kardashian bikini photo, baby bump and all, in response to claims that the pregnant reality star is packing on many pounds.

Kim Kardashian Bikini Bump

Two months away from giving birth, Kim flaunted her knocked up body on the beaches of Greece during a recent family vacation, soaking up the sun in Mykonos with Khloe Kardashian and kompany.

"She's loving the seventh month," an insider tells Us of the amateur sex tape star "And she thinks pregnancy is so cute."

For more Kim Kardashian pictures from Greece, along with details on the expecting mom's growing confidence and her relationship with Kanye West, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly. It goes on sale Friday.


OMG a Beached Whale! Why does anyone think this bitch is something special, what's wrong with white dudes kim, none will have your skank ass that's what!


OMG a Beached Whale! Why does anyone think this bitch is something special, what's wrong with white dudes kim, none will have your skank ass that's what!


That photo looks very familiar, in the sense of I've seen it b4. I reckon Kim's given a photo shopped picture of her head on by using a an old pregnent picture of Kourtneys when Kourtney was pregnant with either mason or Penelope. It's not hard to do, my 6year old son could even do it

Stephanie king

Women typically gain more in their first pregnancy than they would in a second or third. Mostly because your not use to the cravings and tend to give into them. I dont see what the big deal is. She isnt obese. She is carrying a baby. Every woman carries babies differently. And for the "weird stomach" comment. This is a suprisingly typical way to carry a baby. I always carried high (i have had two) and never looked no where near 9months, even when I was over due. As long as her doctors arent concerned, she shouldnt be... And to hell with what anyone has to say.


I love it. All those people who said she is not pregnant. Wow what is that then and the best is how much weight she has gained.Where is it. Kim is absolutely Gorgeous Pregnant. I bet Kanye likes it all


& luv her hair, so cute!


Luv how confident she is even with all the negative attention people are giving her!! She is absolutely beautiful!!


Yeah I dont call THAT fat, I call it airbrushed and photoshopped for a mag cover. Lets see what she looks like in a bikini without ANY work done.


Actually her tummy shape looks pretty weird. Either its photoshopped or she has worked out too much. She looks real tight in the mid section and of course we all do but the shape is odd. For a healthy sized woman it looks shes only allowing her baby so much room to grow. The way her tummy is shaped is how id consider an eating disorder pregnant woman would grow. Not very round as its oblong. Just weird looking.

@ christie

I'm guessing you have never been prego before because you would know that there is no "right" shape for a pregnant woman. Some carry their babies high (like kim) and some low. Some babies sit right on top of your bladder and some sit right under your ribs causing your tummy to look different. Some woman hardly even show at all like princess Kate.


That is NOT the stomach of a woman who is 7 months pregnant. ALSO her belly is just about as big as her butt according to the photos I saw yesterday in People! It is pathetic that they slap her on the cover to begin with .... but this is false advertising at its best!

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