Keyshawn Johnson Goes OFF on Justin Bieber, Labels Singer a "Coward"

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Keyshawn Johnson once wrote an autobiography titled "Just Give Me the Damn Ball."

After one year of playing in the NFL.

In other words: this is a man unafraid to speak his mind, and he did so again today when asked about Justin Bieber.

Biebs, The

When approached by TMZ for a comment on confronting Bieber a few days ago after the artist sped around the pair's neighborhood in Los Angeles, Johnson made his feelings on the star VERY clear.

"You got a 19-year-old kid ... feeling entitled ... speeding up and down the highway ... that's why all the neighbors is mad," Keyshawn says in an intense interview.

He also explains why Bieber is a "coward" and a "trickster," saying he came upon Justin in the celebrity's driveway after clearly witnessing him behind the wheel, driving like a maniac - only Bieber switched spots with Lil Twist and tried to play all innocent.

Says the ex-wide receiver: "Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car ... I got biracial kids."

Watch the interview with Johnson now and sound off: Should Justin Bieber hire a driver?


You go get Bieber, please put some hurt on him! Tell Bieber, he's a poser and a trickster and a gimmick too!


A drivers license is a privilege not an entitlement. He needs to follow the law just like everyone else is expected to. He is behavng like a total jerk.

@ mnd

Send him back to Canada and see how long THOSE neighbors will put up with his behavior. I have three kids (now all in their 20s). If they had behaved like that behind the wheel of a car at 19...they wouldn't have a car anymore! He needs to stop being treated with kid gloves. 19...old enough to know right from wrong, old enough to pull up those baggy-a$$ pants and act like a real man instead of a Lindsay Lohan wannabe.


For a 40 year old man he sure knows alot about Justin. Pretty sure he's the coward here; if i were him, i would've ignored anything Bieber related and act mature. He made it seem as if Justin is relevant to his life. Give Bieber a break!

@ Casey

He's his naighbor that's how he knows what he knows and Justin is speeding down the block in the middle of the day while his kids are probably playing so yeah I would think its relevant to his to his life


If he's a coward what does that make YOU as a 40 year old at 6'4" 200+lbs trying to intimidate him?


He's a 19 year old young man. Cut him a break.


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