Keyshawn Johnson Goes OFF on Justin Bieber, Labels Singer a "Coward"

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Keyshawn Johnson once wrote an autobiography titled "Just Give Me the Damn Ball."

After one year of playing in the NFL.

In other words: this is a man unafraid to speak his mind, and he did so again today when asked about Justin Bieber.

Biebs, The

When approached by TMZ for a comment on confronting Bieber a few days ago after the artist sped around the pair's neighborhood in Los Angeles, Johnson made his feelings on the star VERY clear.

"You got a 19-year-old kid ... feeling entitled ... speeding up and down the highway ... that's why all the neighbors is mad," Keyshawn says in an intense interview.

He also explains why Bieber is a "coward" and a "trickster," saying he came upon Justin in the celebrity's driveway after clearly witnessing him behind the wheel, driving like a maniac - only Bieber switched spots with Lil Twist and tried to play all innocent.

Says the ex-wide receiver: "Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and white kid driving a car ... I got biracial kids."

Watch the interview with Johnson now and sound off: Should Justin Bieber hire a driver?


What is justin bieber problem he just dating selena Gomez Justin bieber is not allow to do alcohol he is young to drink he had to be least 21 years old ok if he don't care ok I get it whatever


Ok man is justin playing game with Keyshawn I hope not if he does I will slap justin bieber on the faces I will do it no joke I am not kidding with him like I know where he live calabasas, California I know he is so busy with world concert tour day I mean is he show off his weird outfit like the yellow hat with needle


Ok so I watch the news about Justin bieber whatever you called is speeding 25 mph yea something why is justin speeding his Ferrari like his neighbor really piss right now on Thursday night justin bieber did again from yesterday then this player Keyshawn talk about Justin bieber why he doing this I mean I saw justin bieber on news what is going on his life


Justin Bieber has turned into a brat.....


Two low life celebs. Puke!


First @AmandaBynes and now @justinbieber lighting his own farts? It's becoming a celebrity trend
@imnotperez #fart #celebrityfart


This kid looks like a lightweight so not surprised he would hide behind another in facing a very large FB player. Key word here he is still a kid with too much mo ey.


Too much money, no home training, and too little parental involvement.


If he wants to put himself in danger, that's his decision. But he has
NO right to endanger other people to satisfy his immature pleasures,
I cannot believe how he has changed, in every way, He's going down
a very dark path.

@ karen

He can afford to rent a speedway. He can race his friends around the track. Thats like idiots that can afford a driver drunk driving. selfish


I doubt he is a coward but he is just a normal teenager who is in that rebellious phrase.


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