Kevin Spacey Photobomb: Boston Woman Gets Surprise of a Lifetime

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Earlier this week, Kevin Spacey was in Boston, where the acclaimed actor visited a number of Marathon bombing victims and law enforcement officials.

And photobombed a woman while out for a jog. And it was awesome.

Kevin Spacey Photobomb

It's unclear why the House of Cards star had the urge to interrupt this woman's candid Kodak moment, or why he shouted "Photobomb!" in the process.

Which he supposedly did, before nonchalantly jogging away.

If there were an Oscar for Photobombs, Kevin would win.


You got it a bit wrong, yes she is in Boston, but she is actually a danish tourist who was visiting Boston. Her name is Christina Sander Tjerrild, The picture was taken monday, it lastet no more than 5 seconds, and Kevin Spacey yelled "This is a photobomb".


he just thinks he meant something...........
(keep on trucking)

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