Kanye West Rants Against Paparazzi, Sings "Awesome" Ode to Kim Kardashian

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Pssst, Kanye West: You may be dating the wrong person.

Following a paparazzi run-in that caused him to walk into a pole last week, the rapper WENT OFF on members of that industry during a show in NYC last night.

Kimye Sighting

"I'm a terrible, terrible celebrity," West said at the Adult Swim Upfront party. "I'm only up in the studio to make real sh-t… I don't want nobody coming up to me with cameras and sh-t… Selling pictures to a f--king magazine… Asking me dumb f--king questions ... Because I'm not a motherf--king celebrity."

Then maybe you shouldn't have knocked up Kim Kardashian? Who makes a living as a professional celebrity?

But maybe West had no choice. Maybe he's really in love. Later in the night, after all, he sang a track titled "Awesome," whose lyrics sounded like they had a certain someone in mind.

Baby, you're awesome/Don't let nobody get you down/Because you're awesome/You don't need to listen to your manager... You must be tired of running through my mind/Can I come inside?



For some reason...and I hope I'm wrong but I believe that these two are not gonna make it. Only because Kanye is too freaking crazy and unhappy...look at the pictures! I cannot find a one where those two are hugged up and happy. And I know that it's not just the paparazzi, this goes beyond that....I foresee a bitter breakup in the future for these two. Followed by an epic custody battle over their baby. everyday I feel sorry for that child!"


Nothing espouses true love like total contradiction. That said, I don't think many people really give a damn about this mutually- advantageous relationship!

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