Justin Bieber Halts Concert to Observe Islamic Prayer

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Amidst talk of a Selena Gomez reconciliation... and talk that he's in need of saving... and recent shirt removals, rumored spot smoking and all-around craziness, Justin Bieber simply stopped during a concert in Turkey last night.


To observe the Islamic call to prayer.

Justin Bieber Sings in Concert

Specifically, Bieber honored those who observe The Azan, which takes place in the main mosque five times per day.

Attendees were reportedly shocked and appreciative of the gesture, with many taking to Twitter shortly after the show and referring to Bieber as "respectful" and a "great man."

It's been awhile, but looks like Justin finally did something right.


the bigest mistake he ever made was cheating on selena gomez thats the truth belibers

@ gomezgal

S-T-F-U with your illuminati BS. smfh damn idiots coming out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

@ Kellie

Sorry, wrong message.

@ gomezgal

No, the biggest mistake Justin ever made was to get into show business. He's going to end up like all of those that came before him, and left pretty much the same way....can you say 27 club! You may not be able to see it now but I do, the illuminati has got him firmly within their grasp. He's but a means to an end for these greedy corporate puppet masters..Justin as well as many others don't stand a fair chance in hollyweird....just my opinion though...sorry to have burst the bubble of blissful ignorance for you all....but it is what is please try and connect the dots from success to failures in hollyweird and why it happens in the same pattern.


Beautiful as always I love justin!


i love u justin !!!!


hes seriously good!!!!


Nice article.


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