Justin Bieber: Confronted by Keyshawn Johnson, Stoned While Speeding?

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Keyshawn Johnson has thrown a flag on Justin Bieber.

As previously reported, police responded to calls from Bieber's neighbors Sunday night after the singer was accused of ONCE AGAIN driving like a manic around town.

And, according to TMZ, it was actually Johnson - a former top NFL Draft pick and current ESPN analyst - who initially took issue with Bieber's dangerous antics.

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Insiders say Keyshawn left a party Sunday night inside he and Justin's gated Calabasas community when Bieber went flying by in his Ferrari.

Johnson allegedly took the child that had been riding with him home… chased after Bieber in his Prius… and then blocked JB in his driveway once the duo arrived at Justin's residence.

Bieber responded by fleeing inside and refusing to confront the ex-wide receiver, who does stand 6'4" and weigh 212 pounds.

TMZ sources add that at least two people called the police on Bieber that evening and several witnesses can confirm he was behind the wheel.

Some told officers that he looked stoned while driving.

UPDATE: Sounds like Johnson isn't the only one having problems with Bieber these days.

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It is a shame that young people want to emulate Justin who has flaunt all authority & show such disregard. My grand children r not permitted to watch or listen to his music. What they do on the outside with their friends I cannot stop it. In our home it is taboo.

@ Pauline Renshon

Would you like to pay millions to live in a "safe" neighborhood and be afraid to go outside because of a dangerous speeding driver?


like I said if he was a normal kid and not a star no one would care


Fame has come too quickly for this "boy" and someone, wether it be his family or managers, needs to make him sit back and relax for a while. How long has this kid been touring? He is going to hurt himself or someone else if something isn't done to help him.


WHY waste time even writing an article about Bieber. He is trying to be a MAN in a BOYS body...very childlike, and BABY ATTITUDE.


And they STILL continue to give him awards......he really needs to be at home with his Mother. He is in now way ready to be on his own. This fame has gone waaaaaaaaaaaaay over his head....too much too soon...too young!


...........he simply isn't ready for stardom..............