Justin Bieber: Confronted by Keyshawn Johnson, Stoned While Speeding?

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Keyshawn Johnson has thrown a flag on Justin Bieber.

As previously reported, police responded to calls from Bieber's neighbors Sunday night after the singer was accused of ONCE AGAIN driving like a manic around town.

And, according to TMZ, it was actually Johnson - a former top NFL Draft pick and current ESPN analyst - who initially took issue with Bieber's dangerous antics.

Keyshawn Johnson Picture
Justin Bieber in a Sweatshirt

Insiders say Keyshawn left a party Sunday night inside he and Justin's gated Calabasas community when Bieber went flying by in his Ferrari.

Johnson allegedly took the child that had been riding with him home… chased after Bieber in his Prius… and then blocked JB in his driveway once the duo arrived at Justin's residence.

Bieber responded by fleeing inside and refusing to confront the ex-wide receiver, who does stand 6'4" and weigh 212 pounds.

TMZ sources add that at least two people called the police on Bieber that evening and several witnesses can confirm he was behind the wheel.

Some told officers that he looked stoned while driving.

UPDATE: Sounds like Johnson isn't the only one having problems with Bieber these days.


just because he is a singer if u call it that doesnt mean hes above the law!! if this keeps up he will be the next rehab punk who's career died young

@ lish

and kudo's keyshawn!! we need more people like u in this world <#


Lmao "Looked stoned" that's crazy! If someone is driving fast behind the wheel, how can you tell if he was stoned? It's all cuz of his previous news making smoking pot lmao!! Rich people are funny!


Where is his so called wonderful Mother??? She needs to get him to a rehab before he kills some innocent person. I am no longer a fan of his and will discourage my Great Grandaughters from idolizing him. He is doing so much wrong. He has all the money in the world so why does he have to act like a street punk? Maybe he needs to hang with some decent people. Usher please have a heart to heart to your your friend before he ends up dead or taking an innocent life with his actions. I cannot believe that Usher can be too proud of his prodigy right now.


Let’s call this one guilty by owner ship, guilty by past behavior. I have to somewhat defend Justin on this article. Justin’s Ferrari has tinted windows, and he has been cited by LA’s finest in the past for it. The article states ‘Bieber zoomed by in his Ferrari at breakneck speeds in the twilight hours’. With the combination of the two, how can anyone definitely say he was driving, or the fact that it was his car?? Mr. Keyshawn showed up at Justin’s residence after the fact; because he dropped his daughter off. There is no report of his neighbor that he had an altercation with in the past? For legal prepossess Justin did the right thing by not creating a seine with Mr. Keyshawn, and not admitting fault to LA’s finest. Allegedly ‘Stoned’???


And yet another story about boy Bieber playing at being bad boy Bieber . Slow Tuesday?


He is a


Justin has become a rich punk. He is endangering lives and needs to be thrown in JAIL. Did he even finish high school? He is quite dumb on interviews.

@ Jan

You are so right. What an idiot.


someone posted that kids will be kids! really? what if he kills someone? what if he dies? think he mom would be sad? what would she say then? gosh i guess i should have done more to get him under control!
maybe he needs to be put in a real jail cell for a week and see how he likes it. maybe that might help him go straight. what ever it takes and do it now. he just needs to grow up and have hard core structure in his life before he ruins it.

@ georgie

Exactly - He could injur or kill a child in his own neighbrhood.


justin needs a GOOD KICK IN THE BUTT!!!!
his mother better wake up or he may end up dead from all the crap he is doing. sure he isn't the brother to LL????
he needs some sound structure in his life. who will give it to him? i do not want his ex girlfriend to be the one. he needs a strong man figure in his life. start now before it is to late.

@ georgie

Oh please, he's not going to kill anyone, he's just having fun.

@ All+

Its all fun and games till some one gets hurt. As the famous saying go.


Hello People ,,, Prius Ferrari chase ?? Something wrong here, no Prius is going to catch anything let alone the king of all cars with Beiber at the wheel. RATS, boys will be boys and they will play with their toys. Give the kid a break...

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