Justin Bieber: Cheers from South Africa!

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It looks like Justin Bieber is doing a lot more than expressing his love for Nelson Mandela while in South Africa.

The singer posted a photo to Instagram yesterday of himself and a friend taking advantage of the younger drinking age in that nation, toasting the camera with an Amstel and including with the image a caption that reads:

"Beers in the jungle."

Justin Bieber Beer Pic

Bieber, of course, has come under fire in the past for smoking marijuana, promising fans after photos surfaced that he would "be better."

A can of beer hardly qualifies as a major ethical violation, but considering almost all his followers are underage in the States, was sending out this picture really a good idea?



hey wat are you doing

@ rosalda+barrera

thank you


South Africa does not have any Jungle - only forests. Proof of how silly this kid really is ! And by the way, we do not have Lions and Elephants roaming the streets either !


It's called relaxing.


don't be fooled: THERE IS LEMONADE IN IT, folks!!


Honestly this picture makes a worst impression then the weed photos....where's all the outcry???? An demand for an apology??? Nothing? Alright then well just remember this you are far more likely to develop an addiction when you drink then when you smoke the ganja. So when this kid is going all Charlie Sheen on us know its his fans fault for not allowing him chill out by smoking some weed.

@ Fjgfjbvhjvhkgh

Yes, because drinking a beer once in a while makes you an alcoholic...riiight.

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