Jennifer Hudson: Confirmed as New American Idol Judge

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According to E! News, it's official:

Jennifer Hudson will judge American Idol Season 13.

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As previously reported, producers are looking to make major changes to the competition (following dismal Season 12 ratings) and are nearing deals with a number of American Idol alums to comprise next year's panel.

Hudson is the first to sign on the dotted line.

E! also claims Kelly Clarkson will be next and the third spot will go to either Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken.

Hudson is not an Idol champion, of course, but she has gone on to an incredible career, one highlighted by her 2006 Oscar victory for Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls.

Is she a good selection as judge?


i think she is a good choice. i like her.


Its not about what judge comes in. It is about the legitimacy of the show. Standing ovations for mediocre performances and a idol winner who was called a lounge singer by Simon Cowell and who was not even in the top 40 in 2012. We all new what Idol wanted at the beginning of the show when no white men who played guitar was no where near the shows gates that the fix was in especially bad press and potential lawsuit by 9 previous black performers. If you can take a poll of America you would see when a show loses its legitimacy that's when fans tune off just as I did. Idol, watch what the Voice does and see the judges only stand when the performance is outstanding and the decision on the winner is partly on ITunes sales which us the audience invest in. Bravo the Voice and watch Idol getting flushed down the toilet.


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@ abe

I think using alums is stupid. I think they lack, for the most part, enough experience. They need a vocal coach, a record label person, and one singer to judge. 3 not 4 judges. I like the Voice too but they havent had one contestant with a hit yet whereas Idol still has hits being made. Philip Phillips coronation single has over 4 million downloads and his new single has charted. Scottys album went platinum and hes working on the second one. The idea behind the Voice is neat but that show is all about the mentors, not the contestants and practically no support for the winners.

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