Jennifer Hudson: Confirmed as New American Idol Judge

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According to E! News, it's official:

Jennifer Hudson will judge American Idol Season 13.

Pic of Jennifer Hudson

As previously reported, producers are looking to make major changes to the competition (following dismal Season 12 ratings) and are nearing deals with a number of American Idol alums to comprise next year's panel.

Hudson is the first to sign on the dotted line.

E! also claims Kelly Clarkson will be next and the third spot will go to either Adam Lambert or Clay Aiken.

Hudson is not an Idol champion, of course, but she has gone on to an incredible career, one highlighted by her 2006 Oscar victory for Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls.

Is she a good selection as judge?


Jennifer is a good choice as is Clarckon or Lambert. I don't think the show needs 4 judges, three is enough. I liked the combo of Tyler, Lopez and Jackson. They were good and qualified to Judge. And they were not oddballs. I did not watch the show thus season because of the judge line up.


up to I saw the paycheck saying $8533, I did not believe neighbours mother woz like really erning money in there spare time from their laptop.. there best friend haz done this 4 only about 18 months and as of now repaid the dept on their house and got a brand new Land Rover Range Rover. this is where I went,


I'm happy that Jennifer Hudson is the new judge. I hope Keith Urban continues being a judge on Idol. I love his critiques.


bring back steven Tyler loved him!!!!

Carole hart

I really am not in favour of Jennifer but if it's a done deal, then so be it. I personally think Clay, Kelly and Adam would have been better choices. Clay does have experience judging and he and Kelly are good friends and get along well. I am sure that both Clay and Adam would put their differences aside and work well together.


I think Jennifer will be great. But why in the world would they have past winners of Idol to be a judge? They are still learning the business and really have no clue. Cant they find some people that have 10+ yrs under their belt. This year was real bad. The judges just were not good at all and they couldnt find people that could sing. Dont get me wrong Candice was very good, she just didnt have any competition. I sure wish they would rethink the judges or prepare to not have another season.


And with another horrible move, A. I. goes further down the tubes. Shes about as likeable as Micki Minaj.....SAD......


Jlo is sure going to be piss off about the news of Jennifer Hudson getting the gig as the next Idol judge, she was banking on this gig and the that new versions smartphone store venture that has already shipwreck before it got started because of bad publicity, from the public and in the smartphone industry according to sources that were involved in Jlo new home purchase in Water Mill, NY. Well it looks JLo going to have to back out on sales of her home, because after all the drama and the bad news, she isn't going to have any money to buy anything without any gig or joint venture?


Burl Ives would be better than Nikki Minaj!!


"Idol" is OVER! The chart listings for the single just released for the latest winner, Candy Glover, kind of say it all. I think it got to may be #10 on the iTunes chart and then disappeared and is no where to be found on Billboard's Hot 100. I think...and hope...that American audiences are finally SICK of singing competition shows.

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