Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux: Pushing Back Wedding Due to Brangelina?

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Jennifer Aniston's summer wedding plans with fiance Justin Theroux are reportedly on hold ... because of Brad Pitt's own plans to marry Angelina Jolie.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston

Neither couple has confirmed they even have a date set, but that's still what Us is reporting today in its new issue. One of their sources claims:

"She does not want her day associated with them, and Justin got weirded out anyway by all the rushing. Nothing has happened on that front in a month."

Not that the couple is on the verge of a split. She and Justin Theroux have been redecorating the $21 million Bel Air mansion, which they just acquired.

Still, "She has been cranky from this stress," an insider says.

"Justin's never seen her like this and wants her to chill."

Aniston and Theroux got engaged on the actor's 41st birthday last year, after more than a year of dating. She's called him a "protector," a "good human being," and "so funny."

Here's hoping they weather this modest rough patch.

As for Pitt, he and Aniston were married from 2000-2005, when he met Jolie. The rest is history there. Brangelina got engaged last year as well.

Both high-profile couples have been the subject of many wedding rumors, but it doesn't appear that nuptials are truly imminent on either front.


If nothing is happening, there is nothing to write about. It's pretty silly to build your judgment about people you don't know on notoriously unreliable tabloid sources, Debbie, and even take it so far as to refusing to watch their movies! :) See their movies if you think they're good, if not, don't. No one knows what happens behind closed doors, and Aniston/Pitt are neither the first, nor the last couple who get a divorce because one of them falls in love with someone else. And you know what - the exact point in time that Brangelina went to bed with each other is none of anyone else's business!


I have no respect for Angelina Jolie having an affair with Brad Pitt while he was still married to Jennifer Anniston. Jennifer will always outshine the "Bradgelina's." I have not watched a single movie of theirs since their torrid affair. Nor will I ever. Since Brad's last movie was a flop, maybe more than I feel this way about him. The media is always pitting them against each other. But then here I am wasting time reading this crap and then taking the time to write about it. "I need to get a life"


Good grief! The woman has been married before, has been shacked up with Justin for at least three years, and is 6 years shy of 50. A "white dress" multi-million dollar wedding at this point in time seems rather childish. A small, friends and family wedding for two forty year olds seems adult and appropriate. Or, is this just a silly competition with Brangelina that Jen could never win?

@ Jinko

Most people forget they are all just human beings with the same emotions that the rest of us go through, albeit most in the business have a great deal more money, however while that "might" make things easier and probably does on many fronts, this is proof that it cannot buy health or happiness, Jennifer wants a child and now may not be able to and I'm sure that Angie would give back every penny she's made to have her mother with her again, so who are we to judge or point a finger lest we want to have that done to us and I for certain would not, I say live and let live.

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