Janet Jackson, Billionaire: Star's Net Worth Now Over $1B

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Janet Jackson is officially a billionaire, according to reports, and it has nothing to do with the fact that she recently married one - that's just her share!

Janet Jackson, Billionaire

The singer/actress, who quietly wed Wissam Al Mana at some point in late 2012 or early 2013 (as we said, it was quiet), is worth an insane amount.

According to estimates, Jackson earned $260 million in album sales alone, with an additional $81 million coming from music and book rights.

Her music career has also brought Jackson a total of $458 million in sold-out world tours, plus another $81.5 million in sponsorships and licensing fees.

Janet also has a successful and impressive film career, with roles in Nutty Professor II, Poetic Justice and Why Did I Get Married netting $300 million.

Altogether, that’s a staggering $1.18 billion in personal income.

Only a notable few celebs, such as Madonna, Steven Spielberg, J.K. Rowling, Oprah Winfrey and of course Michael Jackson could reach that level.

In February, it was revealed that Janet Jackson married Wissam Al Mana, who is 11 years her junior at 37 and hails from a wealthy family himself.

The Qatar native runs 50 companies in Mideast, including ventures in real estate, automotive distribution, engineering and construction, and retail.

It is believed that he, too, has achieved billionaire status.

He also owns Al Mana Luxury Company and serves as director of fashion portfolios, alongside two of his brothers ... yet seems like a chill guy.

Probably just the kind of guy Janet Jackson needs. When you've got two billionaires living together, you know no one's in it for the money, right?!

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I'm not sure whether Janet Jackson has that much money in her personal account. I do think over time she will become a billionaire, she probaly get's royalties for her music when it is played each time and her properties around the world must add to her personal wealth plus she probaly has other undisclosed investments. For people saying that Janet fought her neice and nephews over Michael's money that is further than the truth. I don't believe everything the tabloids report until a televised statement comes from Paris then maybe I will believe that. Janet is not after Michael's money she was the closest to her brother and loves his children as they are family. I'm sure Janet Jackson is hardly broke and is doing much better than the average person.


This is sad. The USA is dying and it is pathetic how you people boost about how rich people are, it shows people where money is going and the hard working citizen cant evev get a min.wage of $11.00 an hr., because the employer says that is too much, and if they do they will be taxed their ass off, while the company pays no tax. This is sad, this has to stop. America we will always be treated like petty labor as long as we let it happen. We are the slaves, it needs to stop and stop now. If she is so rich, why is she still selling her shit here in the USA? I bet she cant get shit sold in their country. Probaly get.barely amy recognition


There is something really wrong with this article and the calculations used to determine Net Worth. All figures given are for income but income is not an indicator of Net Worth. Many of the income figures represent income earned over the past decade or even further back and I am sure she has spent a large amount of those amounts shortly after they were earned. Net Worth is a snapshot in time and factors in assets and liabilities at a point in time and previous income is not part of that equation UNLESS it is in some asset account as savings, real estate, investments, etc.


If she had all the money your article was stated, then why she couldn't have paid for her brother MJ funeral?, and why was she fighting with MJ kids over MJ money, and her money you claim she made, that wasn't what she made after taxes, lawyers, her management team, her record producer, her personal management team, her publicist, etc, like I said this article is a bunch of BS? She is just as broke before she married her Billionaire new husband?

@ Joe Jackson

Agreed Agreed, Unless an individual has access to records And is capable of understanding finances it's just a guess. Coming from a tabloid it's funny.


I'm not surprise cuz she's a veteran so at some point in her life, her income might have increased tremendously..


Actually Forbes doesn't list her or husband as billionaires. I've read Janet's worth around $100 million. I doubt she'll ever become a billionaire or even close.


She and MJ earned their money, the rest are leaches