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this movie is going to be the bomb diggity

@ rhainon abel

Since Superman 2 and 3 (In the 80s), The Batman trilogy have been the only true great super hero movies (Including dark knight rises). Kick ass,The avengers,Iron man 1, Captain america,Thor, Blade, Blade 2, wolverine were all very good. As for not so good, Or should i say, flush them down the toilet as with most of what comes out today in this dis-illusioned era we live in, would be: Spiderman 1,2,3, The amazing spiderman, fantastic 4, blade 3, iron man 2 and 3, x-men 1,2,3, , green lantern, hellboy 2. By the way, i have just watched man of steel and down the toilet that must go as well.

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