Ian Somerhalder: Too Serious For Nina Dobrev?

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According to a new report, the question was never popped, but the answer was unofficially given.

With fans still trying to determine what happened between Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev - did the actor cheat? What did his Tweet about people changing mean? - an insider tells In Touch Weekly that Dobrev is simply "too young" for Somerhalder.

Ian Somerhalder, Zach Roerig and Nina Dobrev

“Ian was starting to talk marriage while Nina’s just getting started on her career,” the source tells the tabloid. “Nina still loves him but isn’t ready to make that huge commitment."

Those close to the stars insist they remain close and that their split will not affect filming on The Vampire Diaries Season 5.

Ian and Nina did appear side-by-side at The CW Upfront in New York City this month, smiling and waving to the crowd. We bet these two end up back together.

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this is getting real old real fast. of nina didn't want him, it's her mistake and do you think ian is the type of guy who will cheat?
if nina didn't want commitment, it's her problem, why to blame ian for it. and it's not that after marriage she would have stopped working. there are many actresses who are happily working and are successful even after their marriage.

@ lucy

Not a lst soul an old soul


Ian never publicly admitted that he's dating anyone..so stop the speculation&as for those who thinks Ian is a douche bag,seems like you love them,for u keep coming back to read and comment about him..good for him even though your opinion would matter little to him..and those who call him an idiot i'm sure are geniuses nothing less than albert einstein but funny though a genius would be sitting and talking about idiots rather than doing brighter things..surely brilliant people of your calibre would have better things to do than comment on Ian?


This report is the same stuff that's been spewed since the break up rumor. Nothing new. And why we she suddenly think Ian is too old for her? She didn't seem to think that when she first started dating him. I'm quite sure the age different didn't suddenly get bigger. These "sources" are speculating.


i'm sure that they didn't break up. all rumors are one big fake

@ alex

It was inevitable


this guy is an idiot. he's like a real life Dennis Reynolds from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. what a douche bag.


he isn't even Farting in public?

@ abe

i suppose that's very relevant to you? funny he is not worried about your opinion though you do come to read about him,u have such a sorry life as sorry as a guttersnipes..take care miserable person!