Holly Madison Gives Birth! On Camera!

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TM-I-Can't-Believe-They-Are-Showing-This-on-Television Alert:

Last night's E! special Holly Has Baby rang very true to its name, as the series featured former Playmate Holly Madison... actually having a baby.

Yes, very intimate shots of the model giving birth to daughter Rainbow are seen below, as Madison admits that she's "scared" and sheds many tears during this joyous/frightening occasion.

Consider yourself warned and click Play now. Between this video and the one of Kourtney Kardashian giving birth, let's Kim Kardashian doesn't get any ideas...


J aime holly


Holly was not a Playmate, she was a Playboy model. The Playmates are girl's who are picked, once per month, as Miss January, Miss February, etc. Holly was also a Playboy editor for awhile.


Isnt that Hefner's child


"Vietnam" was worse!!


Isn't this old? I seen this video a while back. She had her baby a while ago. So what she had a video.. That's personal not for everyone to see.

@ Nikki

It wasn't private, it's from her TV special. It had very high ratings, too.


What the hell is wrong with these people.


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Holly Madison is a Playboy model and the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. As for Madison, she is best known for getting naked a lot and... More »
Astoria, Oregon
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Holly Cullen

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We are no closer to getting married than we were years ago. It's like a car stalled at the side of the road.

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I have no pull anymore. Hef and I aren't together.

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