Happy 24th Birthday, Chris Brown!

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Chris Brown turns 24 years young on this wonderful Cinco de Mayo.

We'd buy him a margarita, but maybe an O'Douls or Miller Sharps would be better, given his propensity for flying off the handle. Why tempt fate?

Just kidding. Really. Chris has actually mellowed (a bit) of late.

Team Chris Brown

His songs still burn up the charts, and Chris Brown and Rihanna are together at least half the time nowadays, so clearly a lot of people have moved on.

Karrueche remains close to him too. You can't deny that.

Team Breezy has always had their man's back, and his future as an artist has never looked brighter ... so long as he can avoid any more "incidents."

Seriously though. He's been clean as a whistle lately!

Well, aside from that dustup with a valet, and that nightclub fight with Drake, or that Twitter war with Jenny Johnson. But those were all awhile ago.

All joking aside, let's all give it up for the birthday boy!

Here's a little photo and video tribute from THG ...

Chris Brown Crotch Grab
Rihanna and Chris Brown Instagram
Chris Brown in Glasses
Chris Brown at Grammy Awards
Chris Brown and Rihanna at the Grammys
Chris Brown, Rihanna (Grammys)
Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together
Chris Brown Smiles Big
A Chris Brown Photograph
Chris Brown Out
Black Pyramid
Chris Brown, Rihanna: Thug Life
Chris Brown and Rihanna Courtside
Chris Brown Singin'

And in less controversial news, it's also the aforementioned Mexican celebration, and Adele's birthday on this first Sunday of the month. Goooo May 5!


Y. Happy birthday Chris Brown May The God almight blesses you beyond your Imagination and bring you great sales with everything you set you hands to do,also every creative imagination May the Lord God really show case you as an true talented and artist, may the Lord Jesus grant you his greats gift which is salvation. ay he give you great self control abilities to control all your emotions. May your music open up greater sales far beyond any other artists. May the God make you the head and not the tail may he protect your life from all form of destructions keep you far away from self destruction also may. The Lord grace and mercy grant you long life healthy and strong looking bless and good looking. And keep you doing the things you love doing singing dancing making extraordinary good music that brings you more Grammy awards, put you up on number list. For music ratings may he bless you with true love and happiness always. I love you Chris Brown. May your clothing lines alway have great sales and be on demand from merchandise beginning. From this moment in Lord Jesus name Lord God Blesses you.


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his preset: A BOXING BALL, folks!!


Get drunk, crash your car - die.

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