Friends to Selena Gomez: Stay Away from Justin Bieber!

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By all (Instagram) accounts, Selena Gomez is back together with Justin Bieber.

At least according to this sexy, shirtless photo of Bieber and his young lady love from the weekend.

Justin Bieber in Sweden
Smirking Selena Gomez

But an anonymous friend of Selena's tells The Sun that Bieber is nothing but bad news, and pals plan on doing all they can to stop this reconciliation in its tracks.

“We did everything we could to keep them apart but he was so persistent," this Gomez insider tells the newspaper. "It’s really unhealthy they have such a turbulent relationship at such a young age."

The friend adds that Justin often leaves Selena in "floods of tears," which may explain why Gomez came across as a tad bitter over the past few weeks.

Heck, she told David Letterman that she was the one to make Bieber cry.

“She has had a really difficult year or so dealing with the tense emotions that come with dating him. We thought she had finally broken free," says the acquaintance. "But he has persuaded her to take him back again. There’s not much we can do about it - but we are going to try.”

What do you think? Should Justin and Selena get back together?


Drop the loser Selena, I bet he couldn't eat your pussy right!


Reading this it's obvious he is bad news. But women who are attracted to bad boys need to deal with the the whole package, so who cares if they mess their lives up in the process. Not me any more.


Im a huge fan of both of you,but selena you dont deserve him. If he keeps breaking your heart stop going back to him.


selena gomez tell me samething do you love justin after all the things he had to you i do not thing so selena gomez and justin should get back together because justin bebar is not a kind guy you can love their are alot of guys out their but when you broke alot of tears came to past so selena gomez thing about soon before time rans out


justin has media on his butt 24/7. one thing i dont like about all these gossip media sites is that THEY DONT KNOW THE TRUTH & NEVER WILL KNOW WHAT IT IS. so if you're a hater of justin, im not going to hate on you, but learn to respect the kid. who even cares if he gets more tattoos, dates selena (i honestly love her) all of this IS HIS BUSINESS AND YOU SHOULDN'T CARE! i wish i could do something about all this media scandal going around about him. but we can't. if yall if the truth then post a video or something lol im not believing in this crap because justin really truly loves and cares about selena. im so happy for both of them. & justin has an AMAZING HEART so all you haters just shut up, learn to be more positive, and be respectful. watch this video if you dont believe me. he LOVES his beliebers to death & we love him to death as well.

@ belieber.



um i dont want anyone affended by what i posted soo if i affended anyone....IM REALLY SORRY...

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