Farrah Abraham: I'm NOT Kim Kardashian!

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Farrah Abraham is sick of the Kim Kardashian comparisons.

Despite seemingly trying to follow Kim K.'s roadmap to fame - reality show bigger boobs, sex tape, weight loss endorsement - she says she's a totally different person.

Nor would she want to emulate Kim's "choices" anyway.

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“I really don’t like to compare. We are different people in different situations,” Farrah told ET. “I also don’t agree with everything she’s done in her life."

"I hope to live my life a little bit differently."

Yes, because Kim Kardashian's life and actions are just disgraceful compared to what we've seen from the Teen Mom star in the past few months.

“I only want to be a positive influence and show positive things,” Abraham told ET, saying she just wishes people would stop mentioning Kim.

One comparison you can't deny? Their XXX romps made bank.

Abraham even outsold the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape in which Ray J hit it first (and hit it the best), even shutting down Vivid's site briefly.

Farrah Abraham reportedly sold her sex tape - which is really just a porno she filmed and tried to pass off as a private "leaked" video - for close to $1 million.

She insists it was made as a private video for her personal use only, to immortalize her hot 21-year-old body ... which she hired James Deen to defile.

Anyone who believes that probably thinks Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn't scripted, but whatever you think of her, she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Just like Kim.


Just think people. You hear Farrah saying dont compare her to Kim. But did you ever hear argue the fact about her doing the sex tape for money?? She sticks her own foot in her mouth... Look what's more important.

@ Nikki

First of all, Kim was with ray j. They DID make a sex tape and if you watch it it's obvious it was ray js idea. Farrah DIDN'T make a sex tape she paid a porn star to make a porno she could lie about and pass off as a sex tape like Kim. She did it to be like Kim because she's said on several occasions she did plastic surgery to LOOK like Kim. This girl has more problems then just being a whore. She's flat out psycho


She's a whore. Worst than Kim K and Janelle E put together.


Let her convince herself. She had to get herself out there for attention. she knew the sex tape would leak, and she didn't care. Then she tries to make people think she's innocent by saying it was for personal pleasure... Yeah right. She knew what she was doing. Money Hungry!! Your no different than Kim except Kim didn't have a child when she made the tape. You have a child.. What a role model you are. This is why i think so low of you. you could support your child by going to school and getting a real job. As for your parents.. They didn't care that you made a tape because of all the money you made. Sick as parents I think for even thinking that way. And their proud of you.. Shows where you get your parenting skills. Your pathetic Farrah.. Your money will be gone in a year and then your parents can smile when your selling your body again. Hopefully your daughter don't follow in your foot steps.

@ Nikki

O-M-G....who the hell you think you are. Bet you have kids and slept around on your bf or husband. You only know this cause of the filth you did. Nikki, bet you have a great life. Bet what you did was worse than farrah. It is what it is...leave her alone


Liar Liar Pants on Fire.


Ok you say you are not Kim Kardashian: Lets see you did a reality show well so does Kim, You did a Sex Tape well so did Kim, What's the difference? Only that Kim seems like a way better person then you because she did not have a kid during her sex tape and you did.

@ Pat

Agree with you.Farrah is just nasty and trying to make herself right. Let her convince herself.


As I watched "Teen Mom" and witnessed the horrible attitude and expectations of Farrah I was always asking myself what would become of her once the spot light shone on someone else. Well here we have it - denengrated herself to the lowest level possible. Anyone who makes a decision to do this - and more so for someone who was portrayed by a tv show to be of "moral character" - and someone who was a total Bitch to anyone and everyone she met - should NOT be allowed to make huge money in this fashion. She deserves everything her lifestyle will bring her way. I bet her parents are really proud of her now. Only her sister was smart enough not to be pulled into the TV show - and she stated in the tabloids that no one was seeing "the real Farrah" - well I guess we have now. In every sense of the word. The guy that left her on Vacation and walked away should consider himself lucky - he dodged this bullet!

@ Dwayne Honour

And that was kim's boyfriend and you did a sex tape with a porn star. I think you are way worse then Kim ever has been, You are gross, rude and a terrible mother and the way you treated your own family on Team Mom.


no shes certainly not kim didn't take it up the ass just watched it on psdbforum

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