Farrah Abraham: I'm NOT Kim Kardashian!

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Farrah Abraham is sick of the Kim Kardashian comparisons.

Despite seemingly trying to follow Kim K.'s roadmap to fame - reality show bigger boobs, sex tape, weight loss endorsement - she says she's a totally different person.

Nor would she want to emulate Kim's "choices" anyway.

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“I really don’t like to compare. We are different people in different situations,” Farrah told ET. “I also don’t agree with everything she’s done in her life."

"I hope to live my life a little bit differently."

Yes, because Kim Kardashian's life and actions are just disgraceful compared to what we've seen from the Teen Mom star in the past few months.

“I only want to be a positive influence and show positive things,” Abraham told ET, saying she just wishes people would stop mentioning Kim.

One comparison you can't deny? Their XXX romps made bank.

Abraham even outsold the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape in which Ray J hit it first (and hit it the best), even shutting down Vivid's site briefly.

Farrah Abraham reportedly sold her sex tape - which is really just a porno she filmed and tried to pass off as a private "leaked" video - for close to $1 million.

She insists it was made as a private video for her personal use only, to immortalize her hot 21-year-old body ... which she hired James Deen to defile.

Anyone who believes that probably thinks Keeping Up With the Kardashians isn't scripted, but whatever you think of her, she's laughing all the way to the bank.

Just like Kim.


Oh and Farrah needs to QUIT the plastic surgery, stop TRYING to be famous, Put all the $$ down on a home in somewhere anonymous and HIDE!!! She should be ASHAMED of herself! No 'mother' in their right mind would do what this stupid girl has done! (Wag of the finger!)!!


I've never seen EITHER tape nor do I plan to ... That being said - both are fame-hungry, annoying, selfish ... MOTHERS???
Wow - so sad for those kids!
I AGREE w everything @Jules said x3!!!


Now let us compare. Kim is gorgeous and Farrah looks like a horse with a overbite. Kim has a nice curvey body Farrah looks like she hasn't eaten in a year. Kim is having her first baby at 32 Farrah had her daughter at 16. Kim made a sex tape with her boyfriend of 5 years Farrah hired a Porn Star to make a tape with the sole intent of selling it to Vivid. Kim was asked to pose for Playboy Farrah will never be asked to pose to Playboy. Kim has never been considered a Porn Star and Farrah has officially crossed over to being a Porn Star and will never be as successful as Kim cuz in one year I'm sure Farrah will be on the sleazy side of the porn industry with no options left cuz people from that industry are never accepted


wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh look at her stupid face and her fake boobs. you stupid slut. you look absolutely ridiculous. you should be ashamed to be a mom.




This slut bag is delusional. Nobody is comparing you to Kim K. Reverse psychology only works on stupid people Farrah. Your the only one who compares yourself to her. Your a loser an a porn maker. ( I would say porn star but lets not get outrageous). You need to go have a galaxy of seats, and hope and pray that your daughter isn't a fuck up like you. If you were my daughter or mother I would completely disown you and move to rural Kasas immediately.


If this were my daughter or my mother, I would be so mortified.


What the heck,what kind of positive role model are you by making a sex tape for the worl to see


The more this ignorant twit says the more i want to punch her in the face. She's a pathological liar! I wish any and all tabloids would just leave her alone so she'll disappear. I would love to never see this girls face again and would love it even more to never hear her annoying whiney voice again. Nothing that exits her mouth is ever the truth. She's said numerous times she wanted to be like Kim. Now that everyone is saying she's a bigger whore than Kim, she suddenly changes her story. It isn't a comparison at all. Kim is sexy, farrah isn't. Kim had a sex tape, farrah didn't. Kim is real, (as in down to earth) farrah isn't. Farrah is trash ONLY because she's a mom and a teen mom at that (which is worse) Kim STILL isn't a mom yet. So to the whorish trash that IS Farrah , no you aren't like Kim. Kim is a far better person than you even dream to be. Wake the hell up and stop being a selfish sleeze bag. You are a mom so act like it!


she isn't fat, didn't get pissed on - doesn't fuck niggers.

@ abe

Your so ridiculous. Comment and make sense. You sound so dumb. Do you live with Farrah? Are you around her everyday? So you don't know what she does everyday or who's she's with? So how can you say she hasn't been with a black guy? She's nasty and will fuck anyone for money

@ Nikki

What a nice comment. Do you fuck for money, it takes one to know one, really, who are you to tell him about black people and its you that must hang with her. Your the slut.

@ abe

You are exactly what is wrong with America.

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