Eric Dickerson Labels Justin Bieber "Not Safe," Backs Keyshawn Johnson

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Another former NFL star has come out against Justin Bieber.

In the wake of Keyshawn Johnson confronting the singer Sunday night over his reckless driving, Hall of Famer Eric Dickerson has spoken to TMZ and agrees:

The 19-year old really has to slow down.

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Justin Bieber at Globen

"I've seen [Justin] driving fast around Calabasas before in the Ferrari," says Dickerson, who has lived for years in the area. "It's just not safe."

Bieber has also been accused of partying loudly and very late into the night, while witnesses say they saw him smoking up on his Segway over the weekend.

Dickerson doesn't know anything about those allegations, but he does back Johnson for the action that ex-wide receiver took in response to Justin speeding.

"I don't blame Keyshawn, he's got kids... I don't blame him for trying to get [Justin's] attention," Dickerson said. "I would've been the same way... when you're a father it takes on a whole new meaning."

No word still from Bieber or anyone in his camp regarding the latest charges against him and his shoddy record behind the wheel.


I think that Eric and Keyshawn should leave Bieber alone and let the police investigate this matter. I am pretty sure that Bieber would stop driving so fast because 1. He was scared of confronting Keyshawn and 2. He loves kids.


IMHO, he's turned into a self-centered brat. There are others in the world too Bieb, not just you.


u know the real problems are his neighbors. he's an innocent young man who is a perfect citizen on the world, and they are black people who are HAS BEENS trying to get some attention. justin bieber will have security 24-7 from now on. we dont want some black faggot pushing his purple dinosaur anywhere near him. disgusting! the fact is the original black person purposefully stepped in the way of justin's car to create a problem. so fuck off you stupid black people, you keep criticizing justin bieber, you're going to end up on the six o'clock news.

@ becky

R U For real? Justin's got alot of growing up to do. He's young and immature just like every other 18,19 yr.old. He should have security 24/7.
He'll need it with all the PUNK-ASS bullshit he's pulling.He's dangerous but just to himself.Go back to school. Sounds like you've got some growing up to do...ohhhhh. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Might end up on the 6 o'clock news??? Isn't it way past your bedtime?
BTW, I'm not black and I live about a 20min. drive from JB's hometown!! Good night. Sweet dreams.....

@ becky

So exceeding the speed limit, especially in an area where children play, is ok with you??? Maybe he should move near YOU.


To the neighbors of Justin Beiber! Years ago when our neighborhood had a bad problem of someone who drove as fast as his car would go everytime he got in it in a rural area, mostly straight road finally slowed down after what happened to him. A neighbor got a bicycle and put a dummy on it with clothes and a hat and duct taped the hands to the handle bars and the feet to the pedals and hit behind huge bushes waiting for him to come flying by. Here he comes, doing 100 mph and he just simply eased the bike coming out of the bushes just riding to the other side of the road. Brakes squalled, he hit the bike then ran off the road and safely crashed. He thought he killed somebody! He got the message. He didn't do it again. Please put in high resolution cameras pointed at up and down your street and toward JB's house because they have to get out of the car and they can be identified.


Shut up Abe.


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he Always try to picture this innocent face.
but he ain't of much difference than a criminal from south L.A................

@ abe

What? Justin Bieber is not a criminal. I am not even a fan and I don't see him as a criminal.


amazing. you know youre out of control when NFL players are telling you to slow down.

@ big+daddy

fuck u weirdo


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