Ellen Slams Abercrombie: Fitch, Please!

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Ellen DeGeneres is the latest celebrity to take Abercrombie & Fitch to task over its CEO's controversial and exclusionary marketing strategy.

The TV host discussed the topic in her monologue, slated to air on May 20.

"The [A&F] CEO announced that his stores will stop selling clothing for women larger than size 10," she said. "You know what I say to that? Oh, Fitch, please!"

"Beauty isn't between a size 0 and a size 8," said Ellen, echoing Kirstie Alley's criticism earlier this week. "It's not a number at all. It's not physical."

"I know a lot of kids watch this show, so I want to say one more thing to you all. What you look like on the outside is not what makes you cool."

"What's important," she urged, "Is that you're healthy and you're happy."

Ellen lamented that someone who's a size 10 could be considered a plus-size model and encouraged her viewers not to tolerate A&F's attitude.

And also, if you really want cool clothes, three words: "The Ellen Shop."

Yup, DeGeneres is as awesome as Mike Jeffries is hated right now.

The embattled CEO said in response to his growing chorus of critics that A&F is "completely opposed to any discrimination, bullying, or derogatory characterizations."

Jeffries said he does not discriminate based on "race, gender, body type" just because his store "targets its marketing at a particular segment of customers."

Customers possessing one particular body type and skin tone.

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