Did Ian Somerhalder Cheat on Nina Dobrev?

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The breakup of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev is the talk of the web, with crushed fans everywhere scratching their heads and looking for answers.

Or at least wondering what might have torpedoed the romance.

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While neither has officially commented, Ian posted a cryptic Tweet after news of the split broke, and now a recent comment of hers is sparking speculation as well.

The general consensus is that The Vampire Diaries stars are at different points in life and just drifted apart, while remaining best friends, there may be more to it.

Last month, before the split became public, the actress wrote:

“Quote of the day: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

At the time, fans speculated that Ian had been caught stepping out on her, and that rather than try to make things right, he suggested they take a break.

Now, weeks later, in light of the breakup, that sentiment rings true to many in the actress' camp who say that she effectively ended their relationship.

Pure celebrity gossip here. No more, no less. Those Tweets could mean anything, and we certainly don't know what caused them to call it quits.

Still, when the breakup happens and then you read "quotes of the day" like they've both posted with what seem like clear allusions to the other ...

Makes you think, no?

Debbie burke

NO.... Ian did not cheat on Nina. I think trying to use a twitter account to analyze a romantic relationship is a bit ridiculous. Ian is as steadfast as always. The guys has been working his ass off and certainly has not had the time to get involved with anyone else. . Nina is the one that has been frolicking around with a freshly singe gal pal named Julianne Hough. That being said, I think the whole "rumored" unverified break up based on a "source" from US Weekly is nothing more than false information. This is not the first time the rumor of a Nina/Ian break up has circulated around the internet, which turned out to be false. There has been no confirmation of a break up from Ian, Nina, their Reps, or their families. However, if a break up did occur, it would be based on the different paths their life is taking them and not due to "cheating" on each other.


Now that's an interesting speculation. Everyone was too busy blaming Nina to see this side of the story. Frankly Ian's record goes against him and he always came across as a womanizer to me. However, I will give him a pass in this situation considering there is no evidence. In my opinion, it was a combination of factors like incompatibility, different interests not cheating.


please look at his face.
people like him just see this as part of the game.............

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