Did Ian Somerhalder Cheat on Nina Dobrev?

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The breakup of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev is the talk of the web, with crushed fans everywhere scratching their heads and looking for answers.

Or at least wondering what might have torpedoed the romance.

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While neither has officially commented, Ian posted a cryptic Tweet after news of the split broke, and now a recent comment of hers is sparking speculation as well.

The general consensus is that The Vampire Diaries stars are at different points in life and just drifted apart, while remaining best friends, there may be more to it.

Last month, before the split became public, the actress wrote:

“Quote of the day: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.”

At the time, fans speculated that Ian had been caught stepping out on her, and that rather than try to make things right, he suggested they take a break.

Now, weeks later, in light of the breakup, that sentiment rings true to many in the actress' camp who say that she effectively ended their relationship.

Pure celebrity gossip here. No more, no less. Those Tweets could mean anything, and we certainly don't know what caused them to call it quits.

Still, when the breakup happens and then you read "quotes of the day" like they've both posted with what seem like clear allusions to the other ...

Makes you think, no?


Dear Nikolina Constaninova Dobreva
Ian Joseph Somerhalder did not cheat on you The your fan are wong about That Can you say together Yes or No. I'm mad about That Nikolina Constantinova Dobreva Loves Ian Joseh Somerhalder. Please say Together Yes or No Forever Years 4 Yes or No . From Your fan Jaye Eileen Draper To
Niklina Constantinova Dobreva Ps Write Back soon


ian as a cheater? that is the biggest joke of the century. have you heard that guy talking? there is not one cheating bone in his body. he was totally head over heels in love with nina. he even asked her for marriage. you guys seriously have to brush up on your knowledge. he is the most sweetest and the romantic guy ever.

@ lucy


@ Marci

Thank you! Finally someone who actually knows what there talking about!


HELLO she's ten years younger and if you read her interviews you could see this split coming a million miles out. Why is every one shocked? When ever any reported has asked her in the last year if they plan to marry she said she has lots of growing/learning and experiencing to do. So it really doesn't take a rocket scientist to see he gets older wants to settle and she wants to taste of of what life has to offer before having a hubby and babies. .She down played the marriage question tons of times. not too sue why people are so stunned by this.

@ Bogenna

Unfortunately, I agree with you, this has nothing to do with cheating, or good looks like "Guest" is talking about. It has allot to do where each one of them are in life at this point. And I'm not saying that chronology is the issue in it's self, because their are people that have big age gaps, that are together a holl life time, but in order for this to happen both of them have to have equivalent maturities, and I think that must be the point in this case. He has lived it, traveled and lived all around, knows what he wants and has his life very much organized. She may feel that she doesn't. She probably feels she needs to party a bit more, invest in her career that just starting, etc.... And maybe in her head a serious relationship with him would take her freedom in any way...


I think they needed a break & nobody knows if Nina or Ian ended it or if it's really over, it's all just rumors until they confirm it. I don't think Ian cheated he isn't the type & I don't think it was the age difference, I mean c'mon look at Ian, he still looks like he's in his twenties & he's freaking gorgeous, he can have ANY woman he wants. I am and always will be a TVD fan and still love the show and BOTH Ian & Nina.


So many different reports, but the "Maybe" in 10 years" thou.... Hope Nina don't end up like Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston, well in their 30s and ALL career and fried eggs lol. 5 years maybe. People having a career, a relationship and a family have been done my millions before.


The break happen a few months ago, but the 2 put on a great show! But like all things you can only pretend for so long... I feel sorry that their relationship didn't work. I really hope that their fans won't start blaming Nina, because she has gone above and beyond for Ian. She truly been a great ex-lover & friend to him...

@ Guest

Yes she has outgrown Ian. Not her fault.She is a talented young woman and she has a long way to go. The way some gossip sites are saying that Ian wants to marry makes me laugh. Ian always have deflected marriage questions and had given no plans of it in near future. Even in his China visit recently, he confessed to have no plans to marry for the next ten years but yet Nina is to blame.

@ Guest

You idiot they just spent Easter at her family's, so it wasn't a few months, if they did split (and that's still just hearsay) it was a week or 2 ago. As for the quotes Nina always tweets QOTD along with animal picture quotes.


Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.....


Dats sad 2 here


I don't think either cheated. After dating 3 years, I think Ian wanted to get engaged around New Years, but Nina not interested in settling down yet. And possibly actor competition with 50 Shades movie. In the end, no relationship works when you have to "hide" it. Just say your a couple and celebrate it! That leads to doomed relationships.


Woah. NOOO

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