Debbie Rowe to Wade Robson: YOU LIE!

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Add Debbie Rowe to the loud, growing chorus of Wade Robson critics.

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    Of course it's true!
    Michael Jackson was a pedophile!


    Wade is a liar, extortionist and a shameless one at that. I'm furious that he did this - he did not even think of Michael's children. No one seems to. Well look at what's happened now? Paris was going through enough grief already due to bereaved adolescent. Wade is a scheming parasite.

    @ BG

    You dnt know to be true..all these allegations are full of shit!!Jordan chandler and the other accuser were at michael because there parents were pathetic people who wanted money!!I mean if you had a child would you tell he or she to do that...i know i wouldnt!!You should think about that before you said such lies like that!!!


    I can't understand why this individual would accuse Michael of such a horrific crime after almost four can he sleep at night??? Let this go no further!!!! Micheal was gentle and had a kind soul and a Great Entertainer!!! Rest in peace Michael...


    The letter Wade Robson wrote about Michael AFTER his 2009 death speaks more than the lies he's currently speaking now. He spoke about how he couldn't bear to delete Michael's number and messages from his phone. Why would you save messages from the man you claim abused you? He's a liar.


    No doubt MJ was a VERY strange man but this idiot is a soulless liar - pure & simple.


    So, why did he wait so long and after his career pretty much going down to the toilet to tell the whole world that the late MJ sexually molested him? I am sorry but I do not believe this guy. He is in it for money, fame, etc.


    WR did not say he was speaking THE truth, he said he was speaking his truth. Big difference. Like his truth is a big fat LIE Imo.


    Why can you not let him rest in peace - leave him alone

    @ Donna

    Why come up with this now...nearly 4 yrs. since Michael has passed...this does not make sense at all. A little Respect would be appreciated and leave Michael rest in peace. Everyone seems to want a piece of Michael...time to let go...


    Ok. MJ is dead now. You should have raised this while he was alive. This guy sounds like a late passenger trying to catch a gone train


    It's a strange time for Wade to come out with this lie. Could AEG be behind this? Powerful people like AEG will stop at nothing to secure their innocence. AEG has already collected the insurance they had on Michael, could that jepord the validety of the claim? AEG stands to loose two ways in this trial going on. Let Micael's legacy be in peace! Look what you've already done to him!

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