Danny Brown Receives Oral Sex on Stage From Fan, Keeps Right on Rapping

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Fans attending rapper Danny Brown's concert Friday night got more than they bargained for. He appeared to receive oral relief on stage from a fan.

While rapping the whole time. The show must go on!

Danny Brown Rapping

Danny Brown was playing the city's Triple Rock Social Club as part of The Old & Reckless tour when he invited some female fans to get closer to him.

However, one fan took that offer far further than others.

This NSFW photo that appeared afterward sums it up:

One person near the front row explained that female fans were grabbing Brown's crotch before one girl flashed the rapper before performing oral sex.

"Then I'm behind her and I start getting pushed against her by the crowd shifting," the fan wrote, understandably shaken up by pushing up against ... this:

Rapper Receives Oral Sex

"It horrible and I hope you guys will be donating to my future therapy sessions."

"But I did come back with a story. He rapped the entire time during too."

Neither Brown or his new "assistant" have commented on the matter.


totally awesome!!!! The guy rocks and hands down to the girl who did it takes some guts but that must have been some wild experience. Watching the crowd cheer and calling your name but at the same time getting a blowjob thats just WOW


I've never heard of this Danny Brown fool.


Those fans are really psychopaths when it comes to celebrities. That is why celebrities plenty of security guards/bodyguards around them at all times.


Never heard of Danny Brown before


Is that you, Kim?!


Eww...gross!! Enjoy the STDS.She prolly also has maggotts and mange


this person has no morals.and is nasty.


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There are laws for things like this! They both need to be arrested. You can't do lewd acts like that in public! PIGS, DISGUSTING, PIGS!!!

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