Chris Brown Death Threats Prompt LAPD Investigation

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New death threats made against Chris Brown have prompted Los Angeles Police Department officials to open an investigation, according to reports.

Chris Brown, Glasses

Multiple death threats were called in to the office of Brown's attorney, Mark Geragos, took them seriously enough to contact the LAPD about this.

The caller(s) threatened Chris' life. It's unclear how specifically.

Geragos turned over all the information he had on the calls. He filled out a report and the LAPD is on the case, but there are no suspects at this time.

It's unclear who would want to kill Chris Brown, though Ricky Romance and Raz B once threatened to, and there is the whole house graffiti situation.

Then there's the list of people who may have a bone to pick with him.

Jenny Johnson, Miranda Lambert, Drake, Meek Mill, Frank Ocean, that valet at the bowling alley, Rihanna, Karrueche ... we could go on and on.

We're just kidding. Mostly. Who do you think is behind it?


It might be someone unexpected. There is that saying "Keep your enemies close but your friends closer".


Another ugly black male ape who thinks he's important...too funny!


Hey, Justin! "WAS" Right?


I think it's Justin,cause Chris were dancing better then JB on "Next 2 You". Get lost Justin and grow up already!


I don't like Chris Brown personally, but I don't wish him any harm even if the moron does bring alot of it on himself....


I don't like Chris Brown but he doesn't deserve these death threats. In fact nobody deserves death threats against them not even Justin Bieber deserves one.


Chris should go 2 rehab & church bcome Straight Edge R&B, get a drug test, get back wit Rihanna so they can go on VH1's Couples Therapy and Chris Brown Think like a Man.


Considering his behavior there is probably a laundry list of people who don't like him but threatening his life is wrong. If you act like a gangster I suppose this is part of that lifestyle as a number of rapper are no longer living.


in prison they are still in the needs of a black tattood boxing ball, folks!!

@ abe

Shut the fuck up're letting stupid escape your brain again! :-P


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