Caleb "Kai" McGillvary: Arrested For Murder

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Caleb McGillvary, a.k.a. Kai the Hitchhiker, has officially gone from homeless drifter to Internet folk hero to murder suspect in a matter of three months.

He was arrested last night in Philadelphia and charged with homicide.

Caleb McGillvary (Kai the Hitchhiker)

McGillvary, 24, was arrested at 6:30 p.m. at the Greyhound Bus Terminal and charged in the murder last Sunday of Joseph Galfy Jr., officials confirm.

Galfy, 73, an attorney, was found dead in his Clark, N.J., home on Monday. The cause of death was blunt-force trauma, and the prime suspect is Kai.

McGillvary claimed on Facebook Tuesday that he woke up "in a stranger's house" and had been drugged and raped, the Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

"I believe everyone is a little safer with this person off the streets," prosecutor Theodore J. Romankow said in a statement after the arrest was made.

McGillvary reportedly cut his famous long hair and got a face tattoo in recent days, apparently in an effort to avoid detection, according to law enforcement.

In February, Kai the Hitchhiker became an viral sensation after he used the blunt end of a hatchet to thwart an attack on a utility worker in California.

A profanity-laced video he gave to a local TV news station describing the incident got millions of views and earned him a trip to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

McGillvary is being held on $3 million bail in Elizabeth, N.J.


Seems like a really stupid idea to get a FACE TATTOO when you're trying to not be noticeable... Seeing someone with a face tattoo kind of sets off alarm bells


You forgot to report that somebody called 911 to have them go check on Galfys well being and that Kai actually turned himself in. I'm willing to bet anything that Kai was the one who called 911. Turned himself in and called 911 and he says he was raped.....idk..idk...thinkin I kinda believe him no man would call 911and turn himself in for murder if he didnt mean to do it.

@ Lalalalala

That didn't happen. He was found at a bus station after somebody recognized him at Starbucks - which he fled from.


well, he must come up with a good believible story..................OR ELSE?

@ abe

That didn't happen. He was found at a bus station after somebody recognized him at Starbucks - which he fled from.