Blackhawks Fan Catches Stanley Cup Fever, Earns Facebook Fame With Math Test Answer

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Third grader Maggie Ciara has a serious case of Stanley Cup fever, as evidenced by an answer the Chicago Blackhawks fan put on a recent math test.

The question: “What is 9 times 9?” The answer? Hossa.

Marian Hossa wears No. 81 for her favorite NHL team.

Blackhawks Fan Test
Nine X Nine

As you can see, her Oak Lawn, Ill., teacher was baffled.

What is this? The best part? After seeing that she didn't get it, Maggie clarified it for her teacher, Christine Mech ... who gave her full credit and an A+ overall.

"Maggie is a very clever girl," said Mech, who actually is a Blackhawks fan herself. "I love how Maggie has a sense of humor. We had a little bit of a laugh afterward."

Also awesome? After Maggie's mom, Diane, posted a photo of the exam on Facebook, the NHL team itself "Liked" it and posted it on its official page too.

Hockey. It's always the right answer. Although the numbers aren't looking quite as good for Chicago, which trails Detroit 3-1 in the conference semifinals.

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