Beyonce RIPS Pregnancy Rumors, Lowlife Media (But Doesn't Deny Anything)

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Beyonce issued a harsh response on Instagram to rumors that she's expecting baby #2, then took it down a few minutes later ... for obvious reasons.

Of course, nothing truly vanishes for good once it's online, and Bey's rant - which was screen grabbed by more than a few people - is a doozy.

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Beyonce Tumblr Pic: Beyond!

In the wake of E! News confirming Beyonce pregnant with her second child, she lamented (via the image above) that she can't stop rumors from starting.

Indeed not. But what the 31-year-old star can do is "sit back and laugh at these low life people who have nothing better to do than talk about me."

Ouch. They're just pregnancy rumors - confirmed ones, even, if you believe E! - not allegations of drug use, child abuse, cheating on Jay-Z, etc.

We get that having no privacy can be frustrating, but it seems like an odd response when a simple "true" or "not true" (or nothing) at all would suffice.

We're going with pregnant, and pissed that it leaked. You?

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Beyonce, you want people to talk about you. So deal with the negative comments.


I cannot believe her for getting ticked off with lying and miserable pieces of trash for human beings.


yes, you do live your life because of us. don't forget girlfriend.


ok, ok. who the hell does she think she is. royalty. she wished. see what all that money does to people. without all the fake hair and makeup she is just like everyone else. she has huge legs. but she is pretty and has a good voice. don't change girl. we don't give a crap about your money remember where you guys came from and in the end, you're going to the same place as we are. lol


I told you before: SHE'S JUST AS FAT AS HELL!!


Beyonce's surrogate is pregnant.


Beyonce is a super ubber talented.....FRAUD! there, I finally said it...and her husband jay is really Joe Camel!


Oh God,help me! I'm a low life person!
You live your high life because of us,Beyonce!


It takes a lowlife to know a lowlife. How can we believe anything that she says after she lied about her lip synching at the Superbowl and in front of the president!

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