Are the Kardashians Going Broke?

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We take it all back, Kardashians! We had no idea!

The latest issue of Star Magazine gives us a reason why Kim Tweeted about her brand of tan extenders while a tornado was wiping out parts of Oklahoma:

The family is deep in debt and desperate for cash.

Broke Kardashians?

“The Kardashians have serious financial issues,” a totally not made-up source tells the tabloid. “They do a great job of keeping it quiet... but their burn rate is out of control, and so many of their businesses and endorsements have been failures.”

This supposed insider goes on to say Kim is a "shopaholic" who charges $350,000 per month on her credit card. That's a lot!

Custom-clothes and Louis Vuitton handbags are allegedly Kim's soft spot, while the magazine also cites a collection of vintage cars as contributing to the debt-filled mess.

Fortunately, Kim - who earned $18 million in 2012, according to Forbes - does apparently have a scheme to get her loved ones out of the red.

According to ANOTHER tabloid report, she's going behind Kanye West's back as party of a greedy plot to sell her baby photos.

Hey, whatever it takes when your family's well-being is at stake, right?


Man all you rude bastards stay out of people business them way them encomany is we all are falling so don't put nobody down of you can't pick them up love them love they show and it's nothing nobody else isn't going through

@ Dana Rosier

@Prin: You are defending this dysfunctional family of trashy women? Kris Jenner is pimping out her girls. You should be ashamed of yourself for enabling this trashy family to keep living on other people's money.


hahah definitely agree with all the comments there is no way they will go broke and if there is a change they can all make a sex tape again to get them back on board!!!


As many people who drool over these vapid hookers, I highly doubt they are going broke. They're buying their clothes, their endorsed products, and watchin' their show. So the empire isn't crumbling down. I just can't believe that.

@ Yeah Right

Perfect! Ain't it the truth! As long as there are stupid STUPID young white women who absolutely worship these "HIGH HEELED HOOKERS" they will most certainly swim in American currency! Where else in the world will you find young women who idolize "Porn Stars, Mother who pimps there kids, Dark loving non working whinning ass women. The amazing part is these groupies actually think they can relate to these "HOUSE OF HO'S!" There is no cure for stupidity and the crime- THE STUPID ONES CONTINUE TO REPRODUCE!


I can't wait till all they're fans grow up and realize what trash this family is.


Avaricious limelight whores rarely go broke. They just ramp up pimping themselves to anyone willing to be tainted by these cockroaches. UGH!


This is comical!! They are not broke!!


Highly doubt it!! With mama kris pimping her daughters out (tv,clothes, photo opps,makeup,fragrances, ad naseum).


Even w out-of-control spending, they are not going under! This family of FAKES is unfortunately for us a fixation on the tabloids and E! Network. Now that KIMMODE is having Kanye's baby, she has her hand DEEP in that mans back pocket (though no where else I hear)!!!
Hope they enjoy all the $$$ bc obviously money cannot buy good moral standing or real friends! Enjoy!


I think the k family are to smart and greedy to allow themselves to get in such a mess!


I could actually believe this, with happiness.

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