Anne Hathaway Blonde Hair: Love It or Loathe It?

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Anne Hathaway has gone the full Miley Cyrus.

The Oscar winner stunned fans and photographers last night at the Costume Institute Gala in New York City, debuting  a very short and very blonde hairdo that was the talk of this punk-based event.

Do you love the new 'do? Hate it? Want to chop it all off like Hathaway did in Les Miserables?

Anne Hathaway Blonde Hair

Sound off now: What do you think of Hathaway as a blonde?


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Why is it all these women now days go blonde and short? I think that's ugly as hell. I don't know maybe is its because they can do their hair quick and easy because there is less. She's pretty though...


It is okay but not really the best look on her. If she had kept her hair the way it was, she would had been more attractive.


Meh...its ok , but not an improvement for sure. Nice thing about celebs is they can wear something like this for a month then go get extensions or something.


Honestly I don't think there's any way that Anne won't look pretty or at least relatively decent. The blonde hair looks great with her pale skin. But dyed-blonde hair is my pet peeve (no offense, long story), so...


I'm sorry but (to me) Anne Hathaway looked MUCH BETTER as a brunette and with LONGER hair. And, that THG photo, Anne looks a lot older as a blonde. In short...NO. Next..........


Bleach blonde! Sorry no... She might wanna consider a darker shade of blonde....


Omg, another Miley Cyrus wanna be! What is this world coming to!!!???


Why does she insist on showing off those boobs? Doesn't she realize that she's currently the biggest boob in hollyweird right now? Why not just lay low.