Angelina Jolie Undergoes Double Mastectomy to Prevent Breast Cancer

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Angelina Jolie has gone public with her choice to undergo a preventative double mastectomy.

In Tuesday's New York Times Op-Ed section, Jolie revealed the difficult medical decision she made after discovering she carried the BRCA1 gene.

This leads to an increased risk in breast and ovarian cancer.

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Jolie's mother, Marcheline Bertrand, passed away at 56 after battling cancer for over a decade.

As Jolie said in her article, We often speak of “Mommy’s mommy,” and I find myself trying to explain the illness that took her away from us. They have asked if the same could happen to me."

Jolie's doctors estimated her breast cancer risk at 87% and ovarian cancer risk at 50%.

The double mastectomy has now reduced her risk to 5%. She privately began the surgeries in early February and has just finished in late April.

She credits longtime partner Brad Pitt as always being by her side and helping find moments to laugh throughout the difficult process.

Jolie underwent her surgeries at the Pink Lotus Breast Center. Her choice to open up about the double mastectomy was to help shed a light on cancer prevention for other women around the world.

"On a personal note, I do not feel any less of a woman. I feel empowered that I made a strong choice that in no way diminishes my femininity."

That sounds like the Angelina we know and love!


This Jolie must be a true nut case. I hope she's getting a full hysterectomy along with getting both tits hack off. That would be like me
getting my scrotum cut off so I could never get testicular cancer. She doesn't surgery. She needs intense psychiatric therapy or a frontal lobotomy.

@ .Robert Kimble

Amen brother...even her dad has said she need help. I was married to a bi polar nut job just like Jolie and you never know what they will do. Obviously she wasn't on her meds the day she made this decision, either that or she wants to garner public sympathy. People like her are experts in forming codependencies, and manipulating people. This is just another example. I pity Brad Pitt. Although sex with them is usually over the top, another tool in their tool box (pun intended). Brad has no hope of ever getting free. The kids, his kids was a way for her to set the hook forever. Walking away from the adopted brood would have been too easy, but now his own blood. Now he doesn't even have the great sex...unless it was that he was sucked into marrying her by those big lips of hers.

@ .Robert Kimble

When someone you love gets cancer ,tell me how much of a "nut case they are for wanting to take preventative measures such as a double fucking tard. This could just as easily happen to somebody you care about....maybe even to you. Prostate cancer ring a bell?

@ .Robert Kimble

What an idiot. Please keep your comments to yourself. If this was you mother would you feel the same?

@ .Robert Kimble

Robert you are a prick. and obviously uneducated. go back to school you jerk.

@ christieo

Your an idiot!


Angelina, you are my hero !
We love you !


I always admire her and I am one of her biggest fan ! Angelina, you are my hero !
Brad and all your children love you very much, and so the million of your fans are wishing you well, you are the best !


Very brave woman.....God Bless her.


It took a lot of guts to do what you did. I hope you recover 100% and live your life to the fullest. Any kind of cancer is scary stuff ( I was diagnosed and treated for non-smoker's lung cancer in 2002 and again in 2007). You did your homework and did what you thought would be for you and your family. Best wishes for a long and useful life.


Hi Angie
Your inspirational note has enlightened so many women to go for earlier I personally have phoned my friends and families around to prompt them to go for a check up with their doctors. I personally was very scared of this cancer business and I went to Paris two years ago for a private check up which i paid through my nose. And the result was positive but last year i decided to carry out the same test in London and the result was also positive. So i will be testing breast every year to avoid and to prevent it in time than relaxing and doing no checks at all.. So i advice every woman from 20 years upwards to visit their doctors for a thorough check ups. Thank you for your openness and acknowledgement and your confident to bear and speak out on our behave. Take care and beloved by your good hubby, Brad Pitt who supports you so much... Shalom and love. tessy from London.


Thank you for your positive outlook. tessy from London..


Dear Angelina
You are not on your own during this transition period, Your beautiful CREATOR, GOD ALMIGHTY is with you and wil not forsake or leave you alone. He will cleanse you with His precious blood and heal you permanently in Jesus mighty name Amen. Your openness and sincerity is welcomed throughout the world and you have inspired so many women globally to check out themselves because prevention is better than cure.. The LORD is your capital strength and He will continue to direct all your ways. Amen. You are victorious!. Shalom & love. tessy from London

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