American Idol Recap: Who Will Advance?

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Three women. Three songs. Three hometown trips. Only two spots in the finals.

Candice Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison did all they could on American Idol last night, each belting out a trio of singles in the hopes of earning your vote and landing in the final pair.

So, who stands the best chance of reaching next week's championship? You tell us, song by song!

First, Jimmy Iovine selected a track for each finalist, asking for takes on Pink, U2 and Elton John. Which of these renditions was your favorite?

Next, it was up to the judges. They went with classics by Emeli Sande, Rascal Flatts and Pink again. Vote now for the best:

And, finally, the producers also weighed in. Which of the following is most likely to propel its artist to the next round?


I predict Angie will win. She had the strongest performances as an all-around, polished talent last night, and whoever did her make-up and hair also helped her a great deal, in my opinion. She is a stunning young lady and a compelling performer. She didn't hit a bad note all night. Candace, who is also a mega-talented singer, was off her game last night, in my opinion, in terms of her singing, and whoever chose her wardrobe should be banned from the dressing room for life. Those two outfits, the first with the black and white printed top and the second with the black and white printed bottom, were about the worst things she could wear to accentuate her abundant figure. She also hit a lot of sour notes in her performances in both those rounds as well. I'd have to predict that Kree will be eliminated tonight.

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