American Idol Recap: Going Classic, Current

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Following last week's unsurprising surprise, all four American Idol finalists returned to the big stage last night.

And all impressed once again, with Candice Glover, Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller tacking classics from years ago and current hits from minutes ago.

But who stood out the most? That honor most once again go to Glover, who made like Rihanna on a version of "Diamond" that some might say showed up the original take. Judge for yourself now:

The other women went with Bruno Mars, Pink and Carrie Underwood for their modern day rendition.

Did they do the major names justice?

Watch the performances now and vote on your favorite.

Which American Idol performance did you like best?


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Candace Glover should get a Grammy for her vocal on the studio version of "You've Changed." An amazing and flawless, professional performance.


I personally love Amber. I know she won't win. I think Angie or Candace will win. Top three should be Angie, Candace & Kree w/Amber going home tonite.


Candice was perfect last night. That girl can sing anything. Can't say anything wrong about Candice beacuse that girl has a perfect voice. Okay now Angie is my favorite and I really hope she wins. The only thing with Angie is that she is amazing only at the piano. Angie's song choice last night I thought was horrible and she did not sing good. I have always voted for this girl... Last night I did vote at all for her. Amber is a really good singer and can sing like Mariah and Whitney. Amber can hit those notes just like those 2 ledgendary divas I just mentioned. As for Kree... She is a true country girl. I don't know what has happened to Kree in the last few weeks. Its like when she sings she looses it and she gets really low at times and then at other times is hits those high notes amazingly.


So who were you impressed with? Candace, or ANGIE, who sang Diamond? Such laser-sharp accuracy in these articles.

@ wtf2

You need to read twice it looks like before commenting. Angie is the one that sang Diamond. I love Angie and want her to win. Candice is perfect singing anything... Didn't say I want her to win! I was impressed with Candice's performance last night. Angie I have to say that was her worst performance.. I think.

@ Nikki

LOL, YOU READ IT nikki, it says GLOVER (Candace) sang Diamond, which is incorrect. I was pointing that out, I guess it was a little too complex for you huh


WHO CARES?? Nobody over the age of thirteen watches this trainwreck anymore. The judges are easily the worst of any singing competition show. I quit watching after Manaj opened her yap! What a peice of garbage.

@ joenamherst

First of all American Idol is the number one show out there right now. So know what your talking about before opening your mouth.

@ Nikki

First of all, A.I. has not been the number one show in two years.
Nielson Ratings:
Week of 4/27....The Voice #4 & #7.....A.I. #9 & #12
Week of 4/15.....The Voice #1 & #2....A.I. #4 & #7
Week of 4/8.....The Voice #7 & #10.....A.I. #11 & #13
So know what you are talking about before opening your mouth.
I thought that you had to be at least thirteen years of age to post on this website?

@ joenamherst

You don't know what your talking about. You must have a lot of time on your hands.. Get a life sweetie. Google some more

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