Amanda Bynes to Perez Hilton: Kill Yourself!

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Having gone hours without slamming another celebrity, Amanda Bynes just went off on Perez Hilton.

Big time.

Earlier today, the celebrity gossip blogger dared to write that Bynes was jumping on a trampoline at Sky Zone in Buffalo, a fact corroborated by an employee at that facility.

But the actress took exception to such a claim, at first writing "THAT'S NOT ME" on her Twitter and letting loose:

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics

ā€œ@perezhilton no one wants to s**k your d**k! Stop living! Kill yourself! I look sooooo much better than the girl you hired to look like an awful cheeky version of me! So Iā€™d say F*ck You but no one wants to! I just say keep living in your sh*tty existence leaching off of stars who you look, sound, and act nothing like!ā€

So... yeah. There's not much else to say about Bynes at this point.

Britney Spears, hurry up. This woman needs your help.


Yep, however low Amanda Bynes has supposedly sunk, there'll be that bottom-feeder Perez Hilton way down lower still.


..........a right conclusion here, folks!!


Perez hilton is a loser and does need to stop his celeb bashing but amanda does need help


Its funny how people like to hold one piece of crap over the other.


Good for Amanda. That little "hole for a pole" Perez is a talentless, nutless, sack of monkey shiite.


She's right. These celebrity gossip pigs are nothing but parasites. But of course they all come to each other's defense and condemn her for speaking the truth.


You can dress her up but you can't take her anywhere.


She is exactly right. I agree with everything she said. Perez Hilton is considered a celebrity? The world has seriously gone to shit when Perez Hilton is considered a celebrity.

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