Amanda Bynes: Obsessed With Blac Chyna?

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The enigma that is Amanda Bynes has become a source of much speculation and entertainment these days, as everyone tries to figure out what her deal is.

E! has a new theory: She's obsessed with Blac Chyna.

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Chyna, the stripper turned music video girl turned rap reference, boasts blonde bangs and cheek piercings, and Amanda is said to be a major admirer.

Beyond the newfound physical resemblance, consider:

  • Amanda is obsessed with herself. She admits this. Blac Chyna also thinks highly of herself, saying "I'm trying to be the baddest bitch on Twitter."
  • We've seen Amanda Bynes Twerking out at the gym. Blac Chyna often makes a similar, Twitter effort to document her gym visits.
  • As fans of Amanda Bynes' Twitter know, she recently began rapidly Instagramming collaged photos of herself ... as Blac Chyna has been known to do.
  • Both have made similar, albeit unnecessary, statements about how they need to lose weight, and weigh in at 135 pounds right now.
  • Blac Chyna has a baby with rapper Tyga, a member of the Young Money Cash Money crew. Drake is a also member of Young Money posse.

Amanda Bynes wants Drake to murder her vagina.

Need we say anything else here, people?


I don't know who Amanda Bynes is, but since she can't find her own style, and chooses to emulate Blac Chyna, she has a great career ahead of her in the porn business, because she'll never be a movie star or actor after this. Is she learning to pole dance, can she twerk? I doubt that.


Tell tyga to get at his dad El at giddenstrucking@hotmail he will like to talk to his son because tyga is looking for him also its in his song dad letter check it out this is his real dad I know.


We found tyga real dad his name is El he is looking for his son and tyga is looking for him also its in his dad letter song can some one tell tyga his dad will like talk to him e-mail him at giddenstrucking@


I'm a teenager & I remember growing up watching the Amanda show, I was a fan but I I'm fan of Blac Chyna now , & would like to meet her one day. I think Amanda has lost her fucking mind ! Reports say she doesn't talk to her parents anymore wtf ? Getting arrested?? :/ She needs to pull herself together ! You shouldn't live your life as your role models do ! I've seen grown women who live there life's after Blac Chyna but at the end of the day YOUR/ THEY ARE NOT HER & WILL NEVER BE! I The Piercings On Amanda Look Dumb! Maybe a Monroe Piercing , That Would Fit Her Perfectly But The Cheek Thing Don't Work For Her. & The Drake Thing.. Wow.. Umm.. Ok .. I But Yea BE YOURSELF 24/7 YOUR MORE BEAUTIFUL BEING ORIGINAL ! No Hate All Love! Just Being Honest!


just because she is trying to act like this stripper blac chyna (who is a bad bitch.) Does not mean she is tryna act black. All black girls aren't strippers and dont post half naked pictures. Thats very racist of you to say that. If you really want to tallk about somebody who is trying to act like their black then justin bebier is IT.


I think she is trying to be black I"m not being racist or anything I'm just saying she is

@ Ashley

I agree


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