Amanda Berry Reunites With Family 10 Years After Kidnapping

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Amanda Berry, one of the three women found alive Monday after vanishing a decade ago, embraced her sister during an emotional reunion in Cleveland.

It was a moment her family held out hope for against all odds.

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Berry, 27, met her older sister, Beth Serrano, at the hospital.

Her incredible escape from a home where she and two other women were apparently held against their will by three brothers made national news.

Also hospitalized is a 6-year-old girl whom Amanda Berry reportedly gave birth to while in captivity. Berry was reported missing on April 21, 2003.

After leaving her job at a Burger King the day before her 17th birthday, Amanda was never seen again until yesterday, when she miraculously emerged.

While her mother died in 2006 from heart failure, the teen’s family never gave up the search, posting fliers and tying ribbons on trees in her honor.

“I looked, day by day,” Serrano said. “I see a girl walking down the street - it’s an instinct, you just look, you know? Could that be her? Will I ever see her walking by?”

Then, in 2012, a prisoner in the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility gave information to police indicating a vacant lot where Berry’s body was supposedly buried.

The tip turned out to be a hoax after investigators came up empty.

That made Amanda Berry’s sudden reemergence even more stunning to police, who are investigating how she managed to stay hidden for so long.

The other women found with her - identified as Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight - were kidnapped in separate incidences around the same time.

DeJesus, now 23, went missing in 2004. Knight, now 19, vanished in 2002. The women were being held only a few miles from where they had disappeared.

A neighbor heard Berry screaming Monday when her alleged captor wasn’t home, and he took her to safety. She called 911, her voice frantic and shaking.

“Please help me, I am Amanda Berry,” she told the dispatcher. “I’ve been kidnapped, and I’ve been missing for 10 years. And I’m here, I’m free now.”

The dispatcher assured her police were on the way to the Cleveland home.

“I’m Amanda Berry, I’ve been in the news for 10 years,” she said again.

Law enforcement arrived and rescued DeJesus and Knight as well.

The three women and the young girl, Berry's daughter, were taken to Cleveland’s Metro Health Medical Center, where they were described in fair condition.

Police have arrested three brothers, ages 50, 52 and 54, in connection with the women’s disappearances, but did not immediately confirm their identities.

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Thank God these women were found but it would be hard for them to assimilate back in society without help from family and friends.


Those three men deserve to suffer painfully, what those three young girls went through was horrifying! Those men don't deserve to just be in jail for life they deserve torture and those girls and their families should be the ones to give it! Having girls of my own, I'd have to go to prison for what I would do to those sick ugly bastards.


Such a sad story. I couldn't imagine going through something like that. I feel so bad for those girls. The things they went through everyday with those creeps makes me sick. Those men should be locked away forever! All the babies they lost, getting raped everyday, getting beat. Such sick individuals that live in this world.


Amazing! Praise and Thank God!!! Now cut off the nuts of the animals who took them, force feed them to them for lunch, and then hang them.


Look at those 3 men, would any woman want to go home with them, not a chance. So this was their way of having a woman and using them just for sex. I am surprised that all three of these now women did not have more babies, but these jerks...I hope they get 3 life sentences...


More and more these young kidnapped women are being found. It's takes years but at last they are free. Makes one wonder what kind of people commit these heinous crimes. This gives hope to many others.


Thank goodness for their safe the therapy should begin....


The media is completely ignoring the fact that the dispatcher HUNG UP on Amanda! She should have remained on the phone with Amanda until police arrived. Amanda said, I've been kidnapped and I've been missing for 10 years, and I'm, I'm here, I'm free now." The dispatcher didn't believe her and HUNG UP!


Why can't they mention the man who found the girls? If it weren't for him, they wouldn't have been saved! Oh right, cause he's BLACK!

@ YAq


@ YAq

This story is about the reuniting at the hospital, after they were found. And the story of the man that found them is all over TV and the internet. He's a hero. Only a total KNOB would bring the fact that he is a black man into the conversation, and make it a negative.. That's as idiotic as saying... " Where are the other girls""" Ohhh, They're not in the picture and sharing the same hospital bed because they are Mexican" ----- Way to continue the hate spiral. Bravo.

@ Cyndithetrainer

why does everything have to be raceismn?the man is posted all over the internet.yes god had him there at that particular time.,and black and white all are very thankfull for dont get your pantys all waded up.the man is and will continue to get his recognition.get a LIFE...

@ Cyndithetrainer

Michelle Knight is now 30 and injustice was done to her and her family when police didnt investigate her disappearance and assumed she took off to never be heard from again.....

@ Kim Thomas

As long as these people can use racism as an excuse or cause, true equality will be squashed. Then the benefits will keep coming....I would love to be able to say I was this minority or that minority....I'd get into more schools and get more aid. That's a fact. I never even thought about the race of the guy or the girls who were captured. No true human being cares about that....just that they are safe.