Alexis Bellino Explains Tamra Barney Fight, Real Housewives of Orange County Return

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Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives of Orange County is speaking out about her beef with Tamra Barney and her return to the Bravo show after supposedly quitting.

Alexis B.
Tamra B.

As loyal watchers know, an intimate dinner at Barney's new fitness studio immediately devolved into mass chaos, with the co-stars in the middle of it.

Tamra forcibly removed Alexis from the premises, telling her the "get the f--- out," leaving Bellino friends Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia Stirling-McLaughlin stunned.

"I definitely regret going to Tamra's party," Bellino said. "Who wouldn't?!?"

Reluctantly accepting pal Gunvalson's invite, "I went with pure intentions, with the hopes that everyone was ready to move on ... I just went in open minded."

"And I got the door shut in my face. Which is okay!"

Indeed, after an intense seventh season, Bellino seriously considered walking away forever from the show. "I really did quit," she admits to Us Weekly.

With things reaching a breaking point during a trip to Costa Rica, "I had a rough year last season," she says. "I was just really down and in a sad place."

What changed her mind? Her kids, she says. She did it for her kids.

"I wanted to show them their mom's a fighter," Bellino explains.

Yeah. We could spend an hour on just that one Alexis Bellino quote, but instead, we'll turn the whole subject over to your comments - and votes:


I believe that they all react to situations wrong in one part or another but at the same time we don't know what happens off camera but I do disagree with Alexis crieing bullies all the time when at one time she was being the bullie I thing she is a hiprocrit and always the victim and if it is that miserable then she needs to leave the show I believe there has bean so much that has happened and they r all at the end of there rope with the Bulling comments and there r serious problems with that right now so Alexis needs to stop and take a long look at her self

@ Kc

I agree completely! The women were not simply stating their opinion but they were ganging up on Alexis and being vicious. They need to stop acting like their children (putting their fingers in their ear...really?) and grow-up.


The real truth is Alexis, came back to the show because she and her husband Jim wanted to use the show for free publicity for there new trampoline business. It was Jim who said he would never go back on the show, and yet there he is on the show, using it to promote his new venture...

@ Steve

Right. But let's face it they all use the show to promote their side businesses. Follow Gretchen on twitter. All she does is peddle her beauty crap.


The other women are constantly saying it's offensive to call them "bullies". Maybe Alexis should replace that description and use the label that does apply. From now on, instead of "bullies" call them "self-righteous bitches".


I am team Lydia. She actually makes sense of the whole situation... which is there is no sense to any of it. I don't think Alexis is bullied and I think that Tamara is just so over it all that it translates to so much anger. I am a loyal viewer and have not missed a scene of the show and I'm over it too.


Alexis why do you always try to play the victim? That is why Vicki enjoys being with you because if your not the victim then she is!!! So now you can be victims together... Or move on to another reality show "the Real Victims of Beverly Hills " lol


Tamara starts off trouble and then blames someone else for starting it the scary thing is Tamara doesn't realise this. I think she is in need of major Anger Management Therapy. The way the gym dinner came across on TV it was a case of bullying. tamara's group were like a pack of wolves. I remember when Gretchen was new I thought she was lovely but she is actually a nasty piece of work she gives off one liners to cause trouble for instance to Vicki "Your baby" referring to Vicki's grandson. Why Lydia said it wasn't bullying I will never know. Change the title to "The Bitch Wives if Orange County".


Tamara is a freak , no class and a trashy mouth. What goes around comes around.

@ Cindy

I am very disappointed with these women .Is this what America wants the international world to see ? I think Tamra needs ;Anger Control therapy .No woman with class behaves in this manner .if she displays this type of behavior on International television what does she do when no one is looking ?her behavior at the party was on obnoxious ,.In my opinion she did not have to be display such trassy behavior .
How does these so-called role models influence the young people of our society .----shame shame


Alexis is pathetic. The women spoke the truth. Just because it hurts, doesn't make it bullying. Alexis is a spoiled, self-serving, pretentious phony. She is not a victim.


I have never posted a comment before, but I have to say, Alexis you handled yourself with class at the opening of Tamra's fitness center. I have always liked Tamra, but she really lacked character that night, if you invite someone or allow someone to be invited to your event, then you as the host, welcome them with style and grace, which is evidently something Tamra cannot accomplish. Never the less, Alexis you handled yourself well.

@ Pam J.

I honestly think that the name of the show should be renamed -----HOSTILE WIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY ..
Miss Lydia will soon get her share .What goes around certainly comes around .
It is obvious that the rest of the cast are totally afraid of telling TAMRA that she is WRONG


Tamara is mean, and whatever she has done to her face, still makes her UGLY inside. And of course she doesn't admit to it like Vicki has. Loser, along with Gretchen, what a friend she turned out to be.....

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