Alexis Bellino Explains Tamra Barney Fight, Real Housewives of Orange County Return

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Alexis Bellino of The Real Housewives of Orange County is speaking out about her beef with Tamra Barney and her return to the Bravo show after supposedly quitting.

Alexis B.
Tamra B.

As loyal watchers know, an intimate dinner at Barney's new fitness studio immediately devolved into mass chaos, with the co-stars in the middle of it.

Tamra forcibly removed Alexis from the premises, telling her the "get the f--- out," leaving Bellino friends Vicki Gunvalson and Lydia Stirling-McLaughlin stunned.

"I definitely regret going to Tamra's party," Bellino said. "Who wouldn't?!?"

Reluctantly accepting pal Gunvalson's invite, "I went with pure intentions, with the hopes that everyone was ready to move on ... I just went in open minded."

"And I got the door shut in my face. Which is okay!"

Indeed, after an intense seventh season, Bellino seriously considered walking away forever from the show. "I really did quit," she admits to Us Weekly.

With things reaching a breaking point during a trip to Costa Rica, "I had a rough year last season," she says. "I was just really down and in a sad place."

What changed her mind? Her kids, she says. She did it for her kids.

"I wanted to show them their mom's a fighter," Bellino explains.

Yeah. We could spend an hour on just that one Alexis Bellino quote, but instead, we'll turn the whole subject over to your comments - and votes:


I almost cried because I felt so bad for Alexis. If that's not bullying, then I don't know what is. What kind of thrill does Tamra get from intentionally piercing Alexis's heart with a dagger over and over again. Really, really mean...


Let's face it, the real culprit in this whole fiasco was Vicki!! She knew there were problems amongst the ladies and Alexis, so why invite her? Their problems were not resolved. That was not the setting to work out their grievances against each other. Vicki, in my opinion, is not to be trusted.


It's quite obvious that Tamra is threatened by Alexis perhaps because Tamra once upon a time saw herself as the "hottest." What a joke! Alexis is by far the more beautiful and easily the nicest of the two. Give it up, Tamra... Alexis has you FAR out done!


Weird..I have always thought that Tamra has a lot of anger issues. I think whe always has to have someone to "hate"..and yes she does seem like a bully. And what is up with the other two mind of their own???


That was hard to watch. They can all pretend it wasnt bullying but it was. Dont think i can watch the show anymore if that continues. They are giving housewives like me across America a bad name.


I think Tamra was completely out of line. She said Alexis could come, if she changed her mind why didn't she say so before hand? Seems like she was looking for trouble. Gretchen? That chic needs to shut her damn mouth, she sounds so ignorant it should be illegal! Saying that Vicki brought Alexis so why shouldn't Tamra be mad at her? Really? She said she could come how is that anyone else's fault? I lose brain cells when that woman opens her pie hole.


The dinner party at the gym was out of control. If the rest of the season continues like this then I don't think I can watch. Tamra, Gretchen, and Heather are not only mean but totally immature. Can't believe Heather even said she was going to act like her children act...sad.


Alexis love you new hair style. Looking for picture to take to my sylist tomorrow. Will be vacationing in OC in July. Who is your stlyist? Glad you are back!


Tamara has been mean to alot of people on the show! I liked her at first but she started showing her mean side!! Now I don't like her or Gretchen, they are too much alike now!


Alexis may overuse the term but those ladies came out swinging at tamras party. I think they are just pissed because bravo probably upped Alexis' pay to return to the show for another season. Can't believe that bravo stretched that train wreck if a party into three episodes. Get on with something else. But I did find it funny that had Alexis Vickie and Lydia not attend the party there would have been like five people there.

@ AC

Tamra is beyond delusional. She actually posted a link to this article so her handful of fans can vote on this poll. Instead of taking responsbility for her vile behavior season after season she continues to round up her "pack" of followers to justify her actions. I lost all respect for tamra when she phsyically and aggressively went after Jeanna. This broad needs to get kicked out of the this franchise alla JIll zarin. She is beyond disgusting....and I am sure once she is gone her pack of hyaneas (gretchen and Healther) will start acting more like human beings instead of rabid pack of wolves. Tamra is beyond self reflection and will NEVER own up or take responsbility for her behavior EVER .

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