12-Year-Old Calls Out Cop For Parking Illegally, Video Goes Viral

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A 12-year-old who called out a cop for parking illegally in Las Vegas has become a viral video star after he questioned the officer about his parking job.

The adolescent, identified only as Jeremy, reportedly videotaped the officer after he observed him parking his motorcycle on a sidewalk, not the street.

The boy, bewildered by the cop's illegal parking, asked the officer: "Is there a reason for you to park on the sidewalk? Is it an emergency or anything?"

The officer refused to answer and walked away, but Jeremy continued to hound the officer over it, asking him for his police badge identification number.

The cop again continued trying to avoid the boy, and asked why he wanted his badge number, to which the boy responded, "Because I have a right to."

At that point, he attempted to turn things around on the youngster, asking for his ID ... which he of course does not have as he is freaking 12 years old.

The policeman then ordered the boy to stop loitering and left without revealing his badge number, but Jeremy refused to let the perceived injustice go.

He posted the footage online and garnered more than three million views. Most of the comments praise the boy and criticize the arrogance of the officer.

Watch it above and see the surprising video for yourself. Sorry it's oriented the wrong way, but again ... this lawful citizen and good Samaritan is 12.

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