Weirdest New Obama Taxes Proposed Include Flavored Vodka, Golf Courses

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President Barack Obama has plenty of taxes in his budget proposal, with his plan to achieve $1.8 trillion in revenue featuring some truly weird ideas.

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    The flavoured vodka break is nuts, but pales in comparison to some old taxes - like on beards and hot air balloons - that have existed during the ages. Do you mind if I link to a site all about it?


    Bush was a BIG drinker and so was his daughters.
    Under age teenagers after they get drunk they get in the limousine while being watched by the secret service. Waste of tax payer money.


    EX~ President Reagan's wife when there was a ression she ordered a lot of fine china. Bush always stayed on vacation and golfing. What was caught on tape when they told him about the towers he looked like a deer in headlights and continued to read at a school. No one could fly out but he allowed bin laden and his posse to fly out. He hung out with bin laden him and the elder bush. So why talk about Obama.


    Now I know this country is on the right track. This guy will fix everything that's not broke. He cannot bring himself to do anything about the real problems this country is experiencing. By 2016, he will be nothing more than a afterthought. Selling "BS" by the pound and as phony as they come. His followers will yell "Bush is to blame" along with 4 more years! Stupidity along with Food Stamp participation have no ceiling. He was and always will be a total joke. We have all caught onto his "Robin Hood Revival" and we are pulling up a chair and waiting for the "Mistake by the Lake" to fade to Black or Blacker which ever be the case. This waste of TV time cannot leave soon enough.

    @ Truth

    Also.... There are more bi~racial people in this world than whites. You are the minority. Talking racial crap. I am black my husband is Italian and guess what YES we voted for OBAMA TWICE. And it's nothing you can do about it. 4 more years deal with your racial issues go to church or something. Stop hating on Obama. He is there for 4 more years. :}}

    @ Truth

    This country was already messed up way before Obama got elected in 08. Thanks to the bushes. Obama is still trying to fix what they did.
    You need to look at Fahrenheit 911. It's been out a long time but I saw it last year and my mouth was open and in disbelief what bush and his father did or rather not do. And I know why you are all over Obama.

    @ Mae

    It's The Truth, what they say- Racial mixing makes for total disillusion. Your not only ignorant your uneducated. Obama is a joke and has not a clue what to do.

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