The Voice Recap: Stealing Our Hearts (and Battle Round Contestants)

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Making it past The Voice blind auditions is one thing.

Making it past a battle round is another entirely.

Season 4's contestants learned this the hard way against Monday night, as the show's sudden death duets continued to separate contenders from pretenders.

Except when the steal was employed of course.

Who lived to sing another week? Let's find out!

The night's soulful finale, pitting Team Usher's Orlando Dixon against Ryan Innes (above), left no doubt that Season 4 may be the best season yet.

With Bill Withers' "Ain't No Sunshine," the men both won over their coach, but Usher chose Innes, praising his conviction, depth and raw power.

Luckily for Dixon, he had dazzled Adam Levine, who hit his button for the steal as Usher gave him a standing ovation as well. So call that one a tie!

"You are an exceptional talent. I couldn't allow you to walk off this stage," Adam said. "Anybody who wants it that bad always has a chance of winning."

It was not the only steal of the night.

Shakira pitted Luke Edgemon against Monique Abbadie on Lady Gaga's "You and I" for their duet, and their rock synergy made for a terrific effort.

In the end, Shakira chose Abbadie in a bit of a strategic move, not willing to let go of either and noting how in awe the other coaches were of Luke.

Blake was delighted and quickly tried to make a steal, as was Usher, but Edgemon, who said he was thinking strategically too, moved to Team Blake.

The night's other all-male duet saw C. Perkins battle Kris Thomas. Shakira, who eventually picked Thomas as the winner, gave him a narrow edge.

But all was not lost for Perkins. Usher stole him.

Meanwhile, Savannah Berry beat Team Blake's Jacqui Sandell on Little Big Town's "Little White Church," a fitting song choice by the country star.

Then it was quirky duo Midas Whale topping blues rocker Patrick Dodd, who dazzled with a raw display of rasp and heart - and it still wasn't enough.

Finally, won a tight battle for Usher against Jessica Childress, singing Bruno Mars' "Locked Out of Heaven" and breaking down over his late mother.

Which do you think was the best among the battles? Who has the most talent among the singers we've seen so far? Hit the comments and sound off!


Usher and Shakira have brought so much flavor and energy to "The Voice". I love watching them every week. "American Idol" comes on TV tonight and I could care less if I do not see it.


I really, really wanted Jessica to stay and was very disappointed in that choice. One of the best voices. This is a great year for talent and I have no idea who will eventually win as there are several good possibilities. I also agree that this is the best season for judges yet. This quartet works so well together and seem to really respect each other with none of the odd comments. I love that the choices seem to really be on talent rather then on what fits best the mold of a particular judge.


Loved Patrick. on Adam's team..cannot believe the duo was chosen over him!...unbelievable......I would buy one of his CD's that voice...was not the best song for him but he did great job...where can I find his music?


the VOICE is the best program we have the judges are fantastic and shakira and usher are really great. don't even compare with american idol, which lately is crap. these voice judges are professional and funny and most importantly can sing and are extremely talented. love it.


Really like this group of judges on "The Voice", singing to the back of the chair is a good thing. Doesn't leave doubts due to physical appearance judgement, just their voices... Idol is good, but not a huge fan of Nicki, she is out in space at times, Maybe they should just have 3 judges going forward. No real purpose on 4.

@ jrL

I agree. The only comparison between "The Voice" and "American Idol" is that they are singing competition shows. But, "The Voice" has so much great quality that "American Idol" no longer has since Season 6 contestant Jordin Sparks won.


I think the show The Voice is ridiculous, singing to the back of a chair, come on get real. I love American Idol especially Keith Urban.

@ Joni

no-one is asking you to watch it. you obviously do not understand the word "talent."

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