The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: So Very Fitting

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Previously on The Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki invited Alexis to a party at Tamra's new gym. Because nothing says "let's be friends again" like inviting your former friend's worst enemy to a party.

Oh, Vicki.

What else will Lady Gunvalson stir up? Read THG's +/- recap to find out now!

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Cast

Alexis comes to visit Vicki and gives her a little Rah Rah about her plastic surgery. And a mirror so she'll always know how beautiful she is. Okay, okay, it's kind of sweet. Plus 4.

Vicki drops the bomb on Alexis that she wants Alexis to come to the party at Tamra's with her. When Vicki says she needs Alexis there, Alexis' tone changes. Alexis wants to bring Lydia so Vicki texts Tamra to find out if that's okay. 

Tamra's response: "Yeah. I just don't want any nonsense. This is supposed to be a happy time." 

Just to recap, Alexis agrees to go to a party where she knows she's not really wanted and asks to bring a guest. Minus 8.

Heather's got a gig on a talk radio station. She filling in for one of their regulars to try and figure out how big the career piece of her life puzzle is. Plus 5.

Heather decides to tackle the topic of bullying on her radio show since she's been accused of bullying Alexis. Heather tells the story of how she was bullied growing up and says that what happened to Alexis wasn't bullying. 

Lydia and Alexis are getting the kids together to decorate cookies. Lydia answers the door in a skirt so short her butt is actually hanging out of it. Or maybe those are shorts? 

While they're outside, Lydia tells Alexis about her meeting with Heather. Someone needs to make a gif of Alexis drinking her coffee when Lydia tells her that she knows about Cubic Zirconia-gate. Plus 4 to the person who makes that happen.

Back at Casa Dubrow, Terry's tired and doesn't want to go out to dinner with Doug and Lydia. The Dubrows are still angling for the magazine cover, but Doug lets them down and Terry cracks a joke. Heather's not amused.

Heather says they're not interested and Lydia seems bummed. 

Heather and Gretchen

Lydia tells the table that her mother just moved into Alexis' old house and conversation eventually turns to the fact that Lydia will be at the party at Tamra's gym as a guest of Alexis. Heather's so great under pressure. Plus 5.

Slade is headed to New York to be with his son who is having another surgery. Gretchen breaks down when she thinks about how hard this is for Slade. 

Tamra's getting ready for her party when Eddie comes in. She asks for advice about her dress and then snaps at him. Misplaced aggression, party of one! Minus 5

She's upset that she said yes to Alexis being welcome at her party and hopes she will be able to keep her cool. 

Tamra bought special wine glasses for Gretchen and Heather but not for any of the other guests at her party. That's sure to go over well. Minus 8

Lydia's a "woohoo" girl. Just like Vicki. Minus 10

Tamra decides that Lydia is guilty by association despite the fact that Heather tries to stick up for her. 

Tamra has a psychic medium come over to cleanse and bless her space. The psychic feels like there will be 6 weeks until the gym is open instead of 4 and then says that the night will be smooth. Something tells me she's not the real deal. 

Vicki, Lydia, and Alexis walk in and no one gets up to greet them. Heather tells Alexis it's nice to see her and Alexis immediately calls her a phony in a one-on-one. Minus 7.

Alexis and Vicki

She gives her peace offering to Tamra and says that businesswoman to businesswoman she wishes Tamra the best. Plus 10.

Tamra takes the ladies over to the renderings of the gym and explains what things will look like once it's all set up and things seem to be going smoothly. Until they all sit down again. 

Alexis says "it takes a lot! Even a small dress line. It takes a lot!" Minus 15.

Lydia thinks the room feels tense and like it's clear that she, Alexis, and Vicki aren't welcome to sit with the "cool" girls.

Conversation is so awkward and stilted as Lydia starts grilling Gretchen on whether she has kids or is married or has a boyfriend. Gretchen says she's got a boyfriend who is a great man and Vicki looks like she smelled something foul. Minus 12.

Tamra starts talking about the area and how she likes it because it's industrial and Vicki interrupts with "it's across the street from my office!" Minus 8. Gretchen starts muttering under her breath that it's all about Vicki again. 

Vicki does have a habit of doing that. 

Tamra asks about Troy and Vicki says "I've got a baby now!" Gretchen says "You've got a baby?" And Vicki mutters "She's a stupid person." Minus 8.

Heather looks so, so uncomfortable during the entire exchange and then asks if dinner's ready. 

Real Housewives of OC Reunion

Vicki thanks Tamra for letting her bring Alexis and Tamra asks, in the spirit of honesty, why Alexis wanted to come. Once Alexis starts talking, she doesn't stop. She's all "bullying" and "ganging up on me" and "y'all are mean!" Minus 50.

Heather doesn't say a word to Alexis and Alexis even starts in on Heather. 

Tamra says she felt she was gracious for even allowing Alexis to step foot in her space. Heather tries to have a conversation and Alexis keeps yelling over her. Tamra tries to give Heather the floor but Alexis tells her to butt out. Minus 25.

And that leads Tamra to tell Alexis to get the f*** out. 



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I use to like Tamara but now she has become a bitch and together she and Gretchen may not be bullies but they are definitely mean girls and Bravo need someone on the show to stand up to them and check there asses. It's get to the point that they're behaving like teenage snob and I not interested in watching the show anymore...I'm bored of immature, mean girl act.


the new girl saw tamara standing there and played it off, vicki please you did not even stand up for Alexis, tamara is full of it she did the same thing with viki that she is doing with Gretchen please they look like junior high street insecure cheerleaders..


Alexis is mis-using the word bully. She is a total baby. Vicky is horrid. Kick them both off.


I like watching the real housewives especially of Atlanta and Beverly hills but I must say the real housewives of orange county is so boring, actually I get irritated to watch, they ve no cham

@ Mary

It's time Andy C. ditches the OC bee-yotchs. Their reunion will be the total train wreck with nothing but shrieking, screaming. I can see them all now in their botoxed "glory" screaming obscenities at each other while Andy tries to get them to shut the "fudge" up! The show has run its course...shut it down. Atlanta is about the only one I watch anymore.


Heather money just gives you beautifully things... Yes Heather has the most beautiful house of all of them..but she really open the book and showed what she really is. A Billie, geto with NO CLASS what so ever. She probably bullie her own husband. You can really tell who wears the pants in the house and its not her husband!!! TAMARA, is the manipulator, all her life shes been manipulated so that's the only thing shes learned. You can tell she did not come from money at all no education what so ever!!! Even Eddie its been
manipulated and he is not even noticing...Evil person, very evil. I feel very bad tor Alexis, she was put on the
cage of these three white sharks...and Gretchen, I thought she was the nicest, more intelligent of all, the one with the best humorous, I'm shocked!!! She had changed trim the good girl to a bullie!!! I really hopethat this should be seen as any other crime. SHAME ON YOU BULLIES!!!
Bulling should be a Crime and not allowed in TV, like is not Bering allowed


I guess someone has to love Tamra, Beverly. But to say it was right for her to make Alexis leave is wrong. Even though she didn't invite Alexis, she knew she was coming. She should have pulled up her big girl panties and taken the high road. Instead, she (once again) chose the gutter. This show is becoming a bigger train wreck every week. It's like "Bad Girls Club" it's worse as these are supposed to be "mature adult" women. I just hope that when people in other countries watch this behavior, they don't believe this is the way all American women act towards each other. For all their plastic surgeries, they are warped, ugly personalities.

@ Trissa

You are a victim of incorrect thinking. No one is being bullied. And, it's bully, not bullie.


Why didn't Vicky speak up when the mean girls were badgering Alexis about "wanting" to come to the party. Alexis originally told Vicky she was nuts to think she would go, then Vicky pretty much guilted her into going. Then Vicky sits there like a mute when they all gang up on Alexis. I cannot believe that the only woman I stand this year is Alexis...I think I may be done with the show as well.


I love Tamara! And I love that she made Alexis leave! And Vicki needs to quit being sneaky and two faced!

@ Beverly

I HATE Tamara! She needs to grow up and face the fact that there are degrees of bullying and all the "mean girls" need to accept the fact they are mean!


Gretchen, Tamara and Heather are the biggest low class bullies!!! They've been bullied when young, now they are the biggest bullies and they are do proud to show it in TV...Oh! And let me not forget to add that the ones that need medications are them three!!!

@ Miranda Torres

You are CORRECT!

@ Miranda Torres

You are incorrect.


Omg it was sickening to watch the immature and mean three little girls: Tamara, Gretchen and heather bully Alexis at the party. Those three unclassy women may have money but they lack in having any class! They need to put the wasted energy into fixing there own selves instead of ganging up on the other women since they've had plenty of problems and cat fights themselves. If I were Alexis they would never speak to another person like that again and at the end of the day a lot of people can watch this show and see that Tamara, Gretchen and heather are complete trash and they aren't fooling anyone. Shame on you bullies .... Go fix your faces and your souls if you have one.... Oh wait my bad you can't buy class or decency. Maybe they can take lessons from Alexis and learn how to be nice and decent!

@ Sarah

I agree they are 3 old jealous, mean bitter B!%#&$. I hsve never liked Tamara or Heather and Vicki was right Gretchen is stupid and weak minded. Not only did she start dating slade after he was in a relationship with one of her close friends but it was just last season when she was on the recieving end of Tamara the witch's rath.

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