The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season Finale Recap: Let's Get Foxy

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It's the season finale of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and "Divas Into Focus" throws us a party where it's hard to tell who's coming and who's going.

We recap all the divorces and diamond rings in our THG +/- review.

Before we jump into Kenya Moore's party, or is it a gala?  Does anyone know what the heck is difference? Let's check in with the other Housewives first.

Kenya Gets Foxy

Phaedra Parks drags Kandi Burruss to check out her next venture. Pretty pink stun guns called Phaedra Sparks. Seriously. That's it. Minus 15.

Supposedly Phaedra is a lawyer, a wannabe funeral director, and a wannabe fitness video producer, and now she wants to throw her name on a taser.

So I guess when someone misuses one of her tasers and kills someone she can handle both the lawsuit and the funeral.

Porsha and Kordell head to therapy. Plus 20…in theory. Reality tells something different.

We all know Kordell's controlling but in therapy he comes off as an arrogant, self absorbed, ass.

He tells Porsha that if her goal is to win an argument then she better be ready for disappointment because she's going to lose every time. Minus 12.  Hasn't he ever heard that relationships are all about compromise?

But it gets worse. When talking about Porsha's miscarriage he tells the therapist, "As tough as it was for her, it was extremely overwhelming for me." Minus 30. It's as though Porsha's feelings are always secondary to his.

When it comes to marriage and raising a family it's not that these two aren't on the same page…they're not even in the same book.

Let's head to Kenya's party where the theme is iconic black women in film. If you thought that sounded like a fun night, boy were you wrong.

Porsha decides she doesn't want to look like a fool so she passes on the BAPS costume and comes as Dorothy Dandridge, the first African American woman to be nominated for an Academy Award. Porsha looks great.  Plus 13.

Kenya is furious. She claims she had events planned around each of the characters and now Porsha has ruined the show.

Is that true? Kenya claims e-mails were exchanged. So maybe she's got the right to be angry…but throwing Porsha out makes her looks like one crazy b*tch. Minus 18.

The aftermath just gets crazier.  Did anyone else notice that Kordell gave Brandon all kinds of hell on Porsha's behalf but when two burly men were kicking his wife out of the party he was suspiciously quiet.  Minus 11.

The rest of the Housewives turn to leave in protest.  

As far as costumes go…Kandi looked kind of ridiculous as Tina Turner but it's hard not to in the 1980s What's Love Got To Do With It music video get up. Phaedra went over the top as Eartha Kitt's Catwoman. Cynthia was suppose to be Diana Ross but you could hardly tell. Her outfit looked like something Cynthia herself would wear.

Kenya rocked it as Foxy Brown. Plus 20…but then NeNe came to town.

NeNe Leakes was awesome as Grace Jones.  Did anyone else notice that everyone was talking about leaving until NeNe got there and then they all turned and followed her back in.  So funny. NeNe arrives and her entourage follows.

And who ever would have thought that Miss NeNe would be the voice of reason once again as she talked Kenya down off the proverbial ledge. Talk about an odd season.

In the end we find out that:

  • Porsha and Kordell filed for divorce. Really? That's all Bravo's got to say on the subject.
  • Phaedra's expecting baby boy #2 and is producing a workout video…no competition is expected.
  • Kandi and Todd are engaged. Congrats to the happy couple.
  • Cynthia - She's doing another pageant and helping NeNe plan her re-nuptuals.
  • NeNe's still jumping between Atlanta and Hollywood. Gregg gave her a 15 carat engagement ring!
  • Kenya Is dating an African oil tycoon and claims her DVD is outselling Phaedra's. I wonder if Bravo will release the real numbers on that.

Next week we get to see it all unravel during the Housewives reunion show. I wouldn't miss it.



I think Kenya is always trying to be the center of attraction old and tack.


Your ratings are biased. They deserve more positives.


Kenya rock it! she always apologized and trying to work with all of the other wives. Nene, kicks them out after traveling so many hour from ATL to LA to be with her, no ones dare to say anything to her, Kenya ask Porsha to leave her party because, she did not follow her instruction you guys get angry give me a break. Kenya you go girl!


Oh Please, no Kenya next season.
Love Kandi and Cynthia. Phaedra needs a top to bottom makeover and a crash diet cause she is fat and flat chested as hell. Maybe she should inject some of her ass fat into her chest. NeNe is invisible to me and that Kenya is totally NUTS. She wants a man and a baby and she is almost 43? Not with that personality and conceit. Puhleeese.


I don't hate Kenya but the chick needs to stop trying to control everyone & just RELAX. Porshia is on my very last nerve bugg eyed & stupid. Shame on her for making young black women look bad. BAPS would have been cute, cuter then Kandi who looked like she had a square teddy bear on her head! Porshia has to defy Kneya because she cannot defy her husband EVER. Glad they are divorcing. Kordell was never Deon Saunders OKay. Check Peter coming as Isaac Hayes but sayin he wasn't dressed up! & Nene has arrived in the form of a hippo-crate she kicked all these people for showing up 2 hours stinking late to HER small party but bagged on Kenya for kicking out Porshia for not doinga simple thing like wear a specific costume to go with a theme for a party. Like Kenya or hahate her it is why we all watching the show cuz Nene is a pompous gorilla, Cynthia gorgeous but boring, Kandi talented but wishy washy & Phadra is a PHONEY. Gurl Please!


Why is Kenya one of the housewives show? She is a horrible person and she is not a housewive. Please get off the show!!!!

@ peaches

Yes, they really needs to change the title of all these shows. None of the woman are housewives except for the few in New Jersey....

@ peaches

You are so right that chick acts like she got a plate in her head. She is truly throwed off to a point that I feel sorry for her and I can't believe how she has wipe her behind with her 20yr. old crown and Ms. USA title. Sad sad sad.

@ peaches

Kandi isn't a housewife neither is NeNe, Phaedra or Cynthia. They all work except for Porsha. Plus if Kenya wasnt on the show what type of drama would there be. Zero, this season would have flopped without Kenya.


oh la la.....................GOOD MOANING, folks!!

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[to Kenya Moore] You best hope nothing happens to me, because you might not have a job. I'm your storyline. I sustain your career . . . I built you, so stop playing games.

Apollo Nida

[to Kenya Moore] "You a sneaky, trifling slut."

Phaedra Parks