Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Recap: Jenelle Evans Gets COMMITTED Over Heroin Use!

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This week on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle Evans was seen strung out on hard a$$ drugs in an episode that seems sadly fitting given the events of this month.

Her mother, Barbara, then went to extreme lengths to try to help her.

Meanwhile, Kailyn and Javi tied the knot, Leah's baby Ali underwent a muscle biopsy and Chelsea got back in the swing of school ... at least for now.

Read on for THG's official +/- Teen Mom 2 season finale recap!

Kieffer Delp and Jenelle Evans Photo

Right off the bat, BAHBRAH and boyfriend Mike barge into Jenelle Evans' house and find her strung out on the bed with that leech Kieffer Delp.

Kieffer insists that suspicious items strewn about are just for pot. Minus 100 for being a dirtbag and a bad liar. Barbara ain't buyin' it for a second.

Running out of patience - and seemingly, options - to help daughter, Barbara makes calls the next day in an effort to HAVE JENELLE COMMITTED.

Gotta respect the effort, and things can't get an worse, so Plus 200.

Barbara believes Jenelle is a danger to herself and others. As we've seen from her recent arrest for heroin and assault, that is not inaccurate. Minus 100.

Jenelle Evans is served commitment papers and taken away to a psychological facility, but after she is evaluated, she is let go in a matter of hours.

Meanwhile, loser Kieffer actually has the gall to press charges against Barbara and Mike for assault, trespassing and breaking and entering. Minus 200.

Barbara cries to Mike about what Jenelle has put her through. Deservedly so. Plus 100 for the pure effort Babs has put in over the past four seasons.

In the final scene, we see Kieffer frantically looking for Xanax, barely able to string 2-3 words together. Jenelle, who seems just as out of it, is there too.

She says they'll be “all right.” Minus 700 because they are anything but.

Kailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin‘s big day is here. They get married!

She rocks a casual white dress to the courthouse, and they bring Javi’s mom and a friend as witnesses. Isaac even gets dressed up for the occasion.

Ten minutes later, the couple is married. Kailyn cries. Plus 100.

There's just the slight problem of telling Jo Rivera ... although he takes it surprisingly takes it well. “Congratulations, first of all,” he says. Plus 50.

Jo wonders, justifiably, why they rushed it. Kailyn explains about the benefits, money and travel, but Jo still thinks it was rushed. Is he right? Minus 50.

If nothing else, they are totally in love right now, which only makes it more poignant when he officially joins the Air Force and must leave his bride behind.

Plus 150 in hopes that these two stay strong and make it.

Leah Messer and Corey Simms have to take baby Ali to the hospital for her muscle biopsy to see what is up with her leg muscles. Poor little thing.

You have to give them a world of credit for going through this together. It's more than most parents with a lot more resources and stability could handle.

Plus 125 for Leah and Corey and their continued struggle with Ali.

Leah and Corey cry as they leave their baby girl in the hands of doctors, who will do a biopsy to figure out just what muscle disorder little Ali has.

Leah’s husband Jeremy Calvert, her mom Dawn Spears and Corey’s parents are all on hand as well, in a nice show of family solidarity. Plus 75.

It looks like Mitochondrial Disease, which can cause serious health problems, but Leah and Corey remain optimistic, which is the best they can do.

Finally, Chelsea Houska took some time off from school to get her life back on track, even though that involved doing stuff any normal person can do while they go to school.

Also, Chelsea's school isn't exactly demanding looking. Minus 50.

At least she's going back, though. Or that's the plan, anyway.

Sure enough, she sleeps in one day and misses school. The next day she gets up but Aubree locks herself in Chelsea's room, so we're 0-2 on school.

Aubree just wanted to get back in bed. Just like mom. Plus 50.

When Chelsea does return to beauty school, she’s happy to be back, Adam Lind appears to be a thing of the past and Randy is proud of his little girl.

We can all raise a glass to that, are we right THGers? Plus 100.



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I am sick and tired of Jenelle. How dare her no good boyfriend press charges against her mother and her boyfriend. Jenelle should not agree to let her no good boyfriend press charges. They both are in the wrong. I think her son, Jace should be with his grandmother permanently. MTV kick her out the show.


Hi Leah,
I have a little girl 7yrs. Old going through a lot of what your little girl is going through medically. I'm waiting for results on my little girl as well. It is torture. I will tell you, I' m so impressed by how you are handling yourself. You're so wonderful with your little girls. Thank god for all the family support you receive. I'm 46yrs. Old and this is so emotional on a daily basis. If you ever need support from someone that understands what you are going through feel free to e-mail me. Your little girls are so cute. You and Corey should be so proud of how far you have come as parents. Best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

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