Shain Gandee Funeral Fundraiser: Scheduled for Tomorrow

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In the wake of Shain Gandee's tragic death yesterday, the cousin of this Buckwild star is springing into fundraising action.

Ashley Gandee tells TMZ that Shain's parents cannot afford a true funeral for their 21-year old son, so she is organizing a "mud run" tomorrow night in Proctorville, Ohio.

There will be a $10 charge per vehicle and proceeds will go toward laying Shain to rest.

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"I know the strain they are going through," Ashley says. "It's hard to provide a proper burial. It's already tough with the loss of family members ... expenses are tough as well."

Shain's body was one of three discovered early yesterday by officials in West Virginia.

He, his uncle and an unidentified woman were stuck inside a Ford Bronco, which was nearly buried completely in mud off deep in the town woods.

Initial reports point to carbon monoxide poisoning as the cause of death.

In response to the incident - along with two other arrests for Buckwild cast members - Mayor Danny Jones wants MTV to halt production on the series.

Do you agree? Should Buckwild be canceled?


I dont so cuz that will show that goin muddin could cost ur life.if u r not save


All 3 of you guys are cold hearted faggots. tahuaya u nevrr did anything stupid or wild ass a 21yr old.. ur name sounds indian so.. You probably grew up 3rd world and the most fun you had was digging in trash cans.

@ ebony

The correct way of writing the expression is cold-hearted. As to my sexual orientation, it is none of your damn business and, more to the point, irrelevant and off-topic, as is the rest of your drivel. The fact is this "fundraiser"of Ashley's smells of opportunity and raises all manner of red flags.


If Shain Gandee's estate does not have enough money to bury him, donate his body to science and get rid of it for free. Anyone who is a star on a TV show that has no assets has to be about as dumb as a brick. This is just stupid.


I am having trouble understanding why it would be necessary to have a "fundraiser" to pay for Shain Gandee's funeral. Surely he has an estate of some means and that the Buckwild production company had an insurance policy on him, given his theatrics.

@ GreeneGhost

Dude, his uncle died too, and who knows if the third unidentified body in his truck was also a member of the Gandee family. That's an expensive camera... and FYI Reality TV stars don't really make a lot of money unless the show is in syndication (on multiple outlets). The right thing to do would be for MTV to cover the cost of his funeral expenses since they claim he was "like family". But they won't, not unless they can film it.

@ mtvsucks

mtvsucks: So three people died and all three had no assets for final expenses? Is that your point? No insurance? No savings? Nothing? That does not deserve a fund raiser. Donate all three of them to science. Medical schools need bodies for their students.

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