Shae Bradley Laments Buckwild Demise, Posts Jenelle Evans Mug Shots

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Buckwild's Shae Bradley lamented her show's demise yesterday, slamming MTV for keeping Teen Mom 2 on the air and linking to Jenelle Evans mug shots.

Shae Bradley Photo
Jenelle Evans Mugshots

When Shae found out Buckwild was canceled by MTV, she immediately wondered why the network keeps other, similarly controversial shows going.

Troubled Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans saw this and lashed out, at which point Shae posted the above collage and $h!t got even more real on Twitter.

For her part, Evans ripped the entire cast of Buckwild for trafficking drugs, getting locked up, and fighting ... ironic since that's all Jenelle's M.O.

Those mug shots? Fighting. Drugs. Stalking. Drugs.

You name it, she's done it (and has a good lawyer).

Shae wasn't the only one to note the irony, while also reminding viewers that MTV seems to think "horrible mothers" are OK while Buckwild is toxic.

Then she took a shot at Jenelle personally.

"[Jenelle], You must feel guilty. I didn't say any names. And hey look at your NINE mug shots," Shae wrote to the reality star and possible heroin addict.

Justifiably or not, MTV explained the cancelation following cast member Shain Gandee's tragic death was a decision made in part to honor his memory.

Teen Mom 2 airs a new episode Monday.


jenelle..get a life..and tell your mom thank you 4 thacking care of your son and not called d.h.s. on you lol.'drugs are four losser'' i guess your one of them...


''sorry to say''what kind of people will do drugs of the set of a show..

Kellie m

Once again Jenelle is doing what Jenelle does best...playing the victim. I am so sick of her dramatics. Her, Gary, Courtland and Keiffer need to kick rocks!! She has shown herself to be a drug addict, bad mother, whore, bad friend, bad daughter, shall I go on cause I certainly could.


I think MTV made the RIGHT decision. That show was partying, drinking, sluttyiness and dangerous acts. What would be next a viewer trying to emulate these kids and getting paralyzed or dying. We need good role models for our young people and MTV has to take that into account. In my opinion I do like TM2 it does give a strong message to young girls what teen parenting can be like. As for Jenelle not a fan at all but the other girls are okay in my book.


Honestly buckwild rocks at least they are living life to the fullest an show how life should be like there was no tommorow!!!! an teen mom 2 is suppose to be about using protection an they all are still getting pregnant an not being safe an trying to make there lives better I am sorry for Shain's family's lose he will be missed deeply !!!


That annoying stank-ass Jenelle Evans has NO RIGHT AT ALL to verbally rip into the Buckwild cast. All Jenelle knows how to do is (1) start and create drama 24/7, (2) constantly get herself in and out of trouble and (3) get herself arrested non-stop. Jenelle is such a TRAIN-WRECK!!!!!


Personally, I really like Buckwild, along with TM2. I wish it would air another season. I'm very sorry for everyone's loss of Shain Gandee. I think he would want the show to go on with or without him. Im def. PRO Buckwild.


Teen Mom 2 is showing the reality of what can happen to teenage mothers. The reality is that a lot of them can't handle parenting and aren't mature enough to have children. This Buckwild girl is just mad that she won't rise to the fame that the TM2 girls have.

@ Amy

You are an idiot she's not mad about fame, she lost a friend u dumbshit!!!! And janelle is a fucktard

@ Amy

More like they are mad about the loss of income. Being the kids that don't make it out of the small town isn't fun and isn't easy. Money goes to beer to buy distraction from your life. $4,000 an episode is a lot of money for small town America, and that is a lot less than what the TM2 girls make. Buckwild is also reality, it is the reality of small town america...if you don't know that it's simply becuase you werent raised in that envirnment. I was, and there is a lot of truth to it.

Candice hanscel cleavenger

Needless to say but all those shows bring in viewers of all sorts... My personal preference... what happened to actual watching music videos on a music channel..hmmm gives ya a glimpse to what the great U S A is coming to..

@ Candice Hanscel-Cleavenger

TEEN MOM show is a joke! Cancel it already, all the girls on the show are a joke. None of them are capabale of being a parent and this show glorifies teen pregnancy. This show is stupid and we need to focus on other bigger issues than the lives of these retards.


in case you people have read teen mom 2 isn't being renewed for another season. rumors have it that it is because of jenelle being to much of a liability. but yeah teen mom 2 isn't coming back for another season.

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