Ryan Lochte on Letterman: Why Do You Have a Show Again?

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David Letterman may not have a clue who he's talking to these days, but that can make for some funny exchanges, as we saw last night with Ryan Lochte.

While slightly more restrained than the Philly anchors who LOST IT after interviewing the Olympic swimmer, Dave seemed baffled by the same thing:

Why does Ryan Lochte have a reality show again?

It's a fair question, and the What Would Ryan Lochte Do? star attempts to explain it as best as you can hope from a man (and show) of such substance.

Watch a portion of their exchange below:


How desperate is the E network if they hire this dolt and have the nerve to call it entertainment! This latest entry from the network that brought you the ultimate in reality crap the Kardashians!!

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