Rebecca Martinson: Forced Out of Sorority Over Email?

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The resignation of Rebecca Martinson from her Maryland sorority may have been less of a resignation and more of a directive by the chapter, sources say.

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The author of that hilariously, offensively, head-scratchingly insane sorority girl email left Delta Gamma this week amid the controversy she created.

Sources close to the situation say Rebecca's “resignation” came only after it was made clear that she could not stay, and would be booted imminently.

“There was no way, just no way, they were letting her stay,” a UMD insider said of behind-the-scenes talks between DG sorority decision makers.

Rebecca's email rant to her Delta Gamma sisters - in which she unloaded on their alleged Greek Week activitiy shortcomings - leaked and went viral.

She used CAPS LOCK a lot. She asked her pals is they are blind, dense and retarded. She called them f--gots. She threatened to "c--t punch" them.

She said they were LITERALLY so F--KING BORING and AWKWARD and went on for an astonishingly long time in a borderline threatening tone.

Maryland Sorority Girl
University of Maryland Sorority Girl

The sorority announced this week that Rebecca has resigned, posting a diplomatic statement on the web. But insiders say she had little choice.

“She was forced out,” a source said. “They basically forced her to resign."

“It was made very clear by the sorority what she needed to do.”

The sorority was in "don’t-blame-us mode" when Facebooking its announcement of Rebecca Martinson's “resignation,” and wants this to blow over ASAP.

Good luck with that? Perhaps the best part of all of this? Martinson, a college junior, was not the chapter president or in any real position of authority.

Another source adds, “One of the weird things is she wasn’t really in charge of anything even though she made it seem like she was in that email.”


Having gone to a school that did crazy things like teach and expect students to, you know, study, this seems like a novel approach to university education. I knew Greek life was popular at the state universities, but who knew it could reach toxic levels. Ms. Martinson doesn't have a personal appearance problem, if photos do her justice, so that is all that much more personal time she has to work on the other stuff she needs to do. At least there won't be the distraction of her sorority and its inadequacies anymore. To use the Hollywood spin, she could play the bipolar card and take a little time off for her health. I see a great career in sales management for her, in that Glengarry-Glenross kind of way; no steak knives for her.


We all knew it was coming, but parting is still such sweet sorrow, isn't it? I wrote what I'd like to believe is a pretty accurate depiction of what her email to the sorority would look like if she wrote one announcing her resignation.


Well, no doubt this story will still pop up in web searches by potential employers in 2 years time. She will need to have a response ready for it in the interview, if she gets that far...